Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fine Print

It's been a bit of a long week. While I was so ready for the weekend, I know it will be too short. I've stayed too busy lately. Work has been off and on, but really busy when it was on. It was my Friday to work. I ended up staying longer than planned because of a package that didn't come. Checked earlier today and it still wasn't there. This means Monday will be hectic and grumpy. It should have been here Thursday. All I can say is that when you have a system that works, don't change it, especially when you HAVE to have something at a certain time. Experiment with less time sensitive materials. Odds are, it will work out just fine, but it's irritating until then.

Old issues I thought was once settled reared an ugly head this week as well. I didn't see that coming. Total blind side and I think it showed. I think I kept my cool well enough, but I also didn't do much to the help problem. Kind of ignored it. I thought to throw myself on the ground and cry like the helpless person I was accused of being, by figured that would only frustrate the situation. Then almost laughed at how funny it would be in hind sight, then decided that would be the wrong thing to do. So I let the rant run its course. And it did. I think it was only a rant. We all have bad days. If it wasn't a rant, I have no idea where to start to correct all that was thrown at me. And I hate leaving things undone. I have to fix everything and fix it right the first time. No quick fixes or patch work. I'm an all or nothing kind of person. Thus I think the rant was instigated by my unwillingness to believe there was a problem in the first place. It was fixed. Someone missed the memo.

With all the excitement, I decided to resort back to my usual hide-a-way. Yep, writing. Weird how much I accomplished there. Beginning to think I work best under pressure, as much as I squirm under pressure. Finished the revision. Printed it and am working to find a good time to pay another visit to my editor. Don't know if I should bother him over the weekend. Still debating. Will probably just send an email to let him know it's ready. I checked back with CreateSpace to start the cover and interior stuff. Read the fine print. Slammed on the brakes. It was my understanding that if I go with them, I am still free to take it elsewhere for distribution at the same time. The fine print hinted at hold ups in the sharing department. So I've spent much of this afternoon looking into getting my own ISBN for the book, checked a little more into Smashwords, and researched what other self pubbers have done. I thought this too was all settled. Stuff changes everyday and it's been a bit of a pill to keep up with it all. Learn something new everyday, even when you don't mean to. Tired of learning. I just want to put this out there and see if anyone likes it. Is that asking so much?

I also noticed I haven't even said what the book was about. Silly me. Here I am ranting and raving about it, and it's completely unidentified to anyone who might be following this. Along with being a chicken, a baby, and a whiner, I'm also scatter brained. I'll work on that. I'm trying to put together a sample reading for the blog. Thinking the first two chapters and some fun stuff I discovered while researching for the story. Oh, and the mystery genre was totally shot down by my eval people. They said it was general or literary fiction. Left it up to me to pick which one. Having trouble seeing a difference. I'm thinking literary.

Watched the new tron movie. Not what I thought it would be. Not bad. Loads of music I've been downloading lately. iTunes is making a pretty penny off me this week. Between Adele and a few others, I should be stocked up for awhile. Taylor Swift isn't my usual choice, but Back to December rang true to one of the chapters in my book, so I bought it. Adele's Set Fire to the Rain also fit in a different chapter, while Someone Like You went with my new novel project. Yep, a few of my characters have some relationship issues. Some handle them better than others. But that's what makes it a story, and hopefully keeps it interesting. It isn't the focus, but another thorn to dislodge. Many many more songs fit into the playlist. Working on making a soundtrack for the novel. Thought that might be fun. Don't know how to go about doing that though, legal wise and all.

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