Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I had a call from CreateSpace this morning. Time for the cover to take form. I was pretty nervous about this part because I honestly have no idea where to begin. The lady in charge of the design team sounded like she already has it all under control. I let her know of a few ideas and different covers I've noticed lately. She said that she has an artist in mind to make a design with the city of Chicago as the main focus, which sounded fun to me. The second concept will be done by another artist and will stand in as more of a wild card choice. We joked a little about traveling since I mentioned that I've never been to Chicago, but found lots of stuff I would love to see there during my research for the book. She had been there before and highly recommended I go visit asap. I'm going to have to go one day, it sounds like an amazing place. The Amtrak comes through town here and goes up to Chicago and on, but that might be too long of a ride for me. But then again, the art museums are probably worth a long train ride. Anyway, so I got off the phone with them all psyched about the whole thing and was once again totally on my own. No one was home to jump around with or witness my silly giggling, and no one answered their phone for me to gush to. Probably for the better. The cat stared at me until I finished a fed him, then he couldn't care less what I was doing. Such a cat.

Then I went to work and managed to soak my computer in malware. That was not fun. I shut it off and called Colt. If I wasn't married to a computer tech, today's mishap would have cost at least $120. Oops. I got the lecture about worthless websites and 'friends' on facebook and how I was asking for malware to infect the pc. Saw that one coming. But it's all better now. Will have to rebuild my profile at work since it ended up getting wiped out. Hubby/pc tech got Taco Cabana for dinner and I got the evidence of my poor computer skills erased.

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