Monday, April 11, 2011


Today was not nearly as bad as I expected it to be. That tardy case showed up magically after lunch. No one could explain why it was so late, and that's ok, I just thought that it was funny. We were told insured cases have a 21 day delay. That means I could have driven to SD, picked it up, and driven back to the office in a shorter amount of time than it was insured for. I can almost guarantee we that we go back to our proven way of shipping.

I also think I quite possibly set a record for the fastest FMX all by my lonesome. I even paused in the middle to snap a periapical film on a rather chatty patient in the next room. All these turned out fully diagnostic following what was the worst week of cone-cutting in my career as a dental assistant. I'm sure it's because I said I'd never take another FMX again, and we were about twenty minutes behind. Again thinking I work best under pressure. But I hate pressure. And all this with maybe four hours of sleep. Oh how I'd love to get a full night's rest!

Anyway, the surprise was when I got home. I went to the mail box in hopes of getting the next NetFlix, He's Just Not That Into You. We have one of those community lock box type deals. They remind me of mini post offices on each block. When I first opened our box I had to wonder what we've done to tick off the mailman. He's a nice guy, from what I can tell in our brief meetings, but Colt and he have a way of getting at each other. I blame Colt. He called the postoffice last time the guy put a package in the box that Colt couldn't get out. The side the mailman opens is just a little bit wider than our side, and our side has the hinges and lip of the enclosure to get in the way. I thought it was funny. Square peg round hole or round peg square hole, whichever. This time the box was stuffed with three of those yellow bubble wrap-lined envelopes along with regular mail stuff wedged into it. I managed to locate the NetFlix and pull it to safety (yey). First fat envelope was a phone case and charger I ordered. (that's another story, but even more boring) Second was a catalog Colt ordered. The third made me think a little more. And when I got it out, the logo on the mailing label caught my eye. Holt Publishing. I know that name. I haven't sent my manuscript to them, but I have sent it to people who voiced interest in passing it on. Could I have a publishing house!?! I hopped in the Jeep and went to the house. I did the good neighbor thing and brought our dumpster in from the curb before disappearing into the house. And what is it with Scooter desperately screaming to be fed when I'm excited and in a hurry? Fed cat, ran upstairs to the only pair of scissors I know are in a regular place. Plop down at my desk and carefully open the envelope. (Keeping excitement as contained as possible). A book. But not mine. Aw-shucks. It was a book I won from one of the book blogs I follow. I had totally forgotten. So I got excited again. Can't wait to read it. Mom called dibs on it once I'm finished. Moral of the story: I think I will send the manuscript around to a few houses and see what happens. Still going with the plan of self-pubbing and e-format, for now. But that was kind of fun. Just curious...

Making progress on the next manuscript project. This one is weird to me. I like it, have it plotted out, but am taking a different approach. We'll see.

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