Saturday, May 28, 2011

Imagination vs Creativity

Me: Uh oh. The playstation wants us to pick a new password.

Hubby: Then pick one.

Me: I'm horrible at picking passwords. I have no imagination.

Hubby: (Spins around wide-eyed and stares) You've written six books over the past four years. You made up what, three worlds?

Me: (Winces) Four if you count this month's newbie.

Hubby: (Throws hands up in air) And you're telling me you can't think up a mind-blowing new password for the playstation?

Me: What if I just use the cat's name?

Hubby: (Facepalm)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Farewell, Little Bird

I have officially missed the deadline for entering my book in the New York Book Festival. The cut off was today at 5pm. I didn't think I was going to make it, but I still hoped I would. I'm a little disappointed over that. A tad bit of moping going on, but I'll move on.

I did, however, accomplish one good deed this week. I came across a baby bird in the yard two nights ago. I know you're supposed to leave them alone and the mom will keep feeding them, but two cats were already closing in on it. I chased them off and looked for the nest it might have fallen out of. I turned back around in time to swat one of the cats who had snuck up again. When I knelt down to check the bird, it waddled over and snuggled against my hand. Oh joy. Needless to say, I took him in and adopted him. Ugly George. I figured he was booted out of his nest because he is super demanding and not at all cute. You can be high maintenance if you're adorable, and you can be homely if you're easy going. But being scraggly and loud and obnoxious will get you nowhere, except booted down the food chain maybe. After making a few calls, it was arranged for George to go to my sister's house until he is ready to fly off into the big world. She has already fattened him up. She has mentioned that he is trying his wings out and might be taking some flying lessons here before too much longer. I'm just glad he didn't turn into cat chow. Poor little guy. Oh, and he's some kind of a dove. So he'll be handsome one day.

And the name George was chosen because I had just watched One Fine Day which had George Clooney in it. I had never heard of that movie before and my coworker recommended it. I loved it. I will readily watch it again and again. It was so funny and sweet. If you haven't seen it, do it. Now. Streaming on Netflix. It's from '96, I believe. Anyway, George Clooney. Those big brown eyes. That's all I'll say.

I finally got a battery for my Mac. Bumpy now has mobility again. The old battery lasted maybe 10 minutes, but that was pretty much standby. Now I can do some writing on the back porch or front step ... if it wasn't already so warm out. Maybe it'll cool down this weekend. Long weekend! Off Friday & Monday! So tomorrow is a Thursday disguised as a Friday. I like those.

In other news: I am no longer one with the iPhone. Little Bird was it's name, and it has a new home. I've had it for a little over 3 years now. It was only an iPod for a few months when we switched carriers. Then I got it unlocked, or jail-broke, which ever, and used it again. It was admittedly slow, but I loved that little phone. It bricked a few times, but nothing compared to the Slide I lugged around for two months. Once I got Little Bird back, I was so much happier with our carrier. But, we dumped them and went with a new group. The service is already better. We can actually make calls in the house and send & receive messages, you know, like what we pay too much for? I now am trying to get accustomed to a Samsung Epic 4G. Don't ask what it is, I'm reading the box. I've never heard of it. But it does the whole 'phone' thing and text and email and facebook and twitter like it's nothing. Now if only I could remember which ring tone is mine ...

So, farewell, Little Bird. It's been a grand three years with you constantly on my person. You've kept me company and prevented me from being too overly bored on long car trips and extended waiting room visits. While your camera was much to be desired, you saw many, many sights with me. Florida will always remind me of you, along with every trip to Dallas and Austin. You survived being chucked across the Wrangler multiple times, and even a blow from the tire iron. That says a lot. While I thought I was irrevocably infatuated with my Rokr before you came along, you helped me move on quickly and taught me that there is no such thing as one true love when it comes to technology. You will be missed, but not mourned. I know you've gone to a good home, your new owner skipping out to their car after picking you up tells me that much, and you will continue to be loved. Angry Birds will not get any rest, unless your new owner forgets to plug you in.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tail End of the Weekend

This weekend went by way too fast. Though I did a few things on my to-do-list, it wasn't nearly as much as I had hoped. None of the home improvement stores happened. That was of the bigger bummers. Still have to tolerate the sad sliding door in the dining room. Its days are numbered. Didn't wash the Wrangler though I threatened to do so many times. Going to have to do it, ran out of window washer fluid and the Jeep is covered in pollen. I did the minimum amount of work in the yard as possible. I'm not prepared for the coming heat promised with living in Texas. It was in the 90's all weekend and I was a sloth.

Biggest bummer was the sad loss of my favorite pair of blue jeans. Yes, they're only jeans. But they were my Fav! I knew I was wearing them thin as of late. They've been fraying for some time. I've had them for so long. They're older than my Jeep. They've been everywhere. I've never seen or read the story of the Traveling Pants, but I have a feeling I could have written a sequel with these. Just a few places: NYC several spring breaks ago, Florida twice, Upstate NY twice, Missouri once or twice, Albuquerque several times, South Padre too many times to count, and every girls' night out from Dallas to Houston many times over. I only had one other pair of jeans so I went and bought two more yesterday. None of them are anything like my old jeans, but I guess I'll have to get over it.

Rewatched My Best Friend's Wedding on Friday. I forgot how much I love that movie. It's been years since I've last seen it. I could easily watch it again. My favorite part is where George leads the group in singing "I Say a Little Prayer" at the dinner.

New downloads music-wise is Danni Rosner and Missy Higgins, among others. Heard Missy Higgins on Pandora and Danni Rosner on Twitter. I don't know why I didn't hear of them earlier. Very easy to listen to.

Haven't heard from my editor this week. I'm doing my best not to call and harass him. Thinking I might drop him a short "Hi, how are you?" email and see if I could get a guestimate on when I could expect him to be finished attacking it with the red pen.

That's all for now. Gotta help put the groceries away...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm Back

Didn't purposely take so long posting this last time. The past week and then some was not at all cheery, so I didn't want to write anything until I was in a better mood. Aiming to not sound like a whiner. I know I don't have much to complain about, but it would have been aimed more so at those who take advantage of others when they are a little down. Not cool. The ones who act like you don't exist until they need something from you? Yep, those would be the ones. And then I for whatever reason am always disappointed to learn a neighbor isn't so neighborly. I'll get over it. Reality checks are kind of a killjoy.

In all my bumming recently I managed to read three books and accomplish absolutely nothing in my manuscript projects. First book I read was The Ocean by Mia Castile. I liked it although it was a little too much high-school-love-drama type for me. The characters and their families were enjoyable and the story was fun, I just hope I showed a little more maturity when I was in high school. I skipped a few pages here and there when I wasn't feeling a scene. It was super reasonable on Kindle and sounded good to me!

Second and third book was Inside Out and Outside In by Maria V. Snyder. Loved them both and am in the middle of reading them again. The first was better than the second, but the second was harder to put down. The action kept coming and plot kept twisting. Bed time and end of lunch breaks were really annoying while I was reading Outside In.

We rented The Green Hornet and I laughed all the way through it. it was not at all what I expected. I totally let the nerd in me win and I picked up a copy of Firefly on bluray this week. Life As We Know It was really cute although it made me cry. Kind of goes with recent events, so it got me.

Yard work has kept us busy as well. Finally cut down the tree that no one claimed responsibility for. It wasn't really on our property, but it was in the way of the utility pole (electric, phone, cable) and wasn't exactly pretty to look at. Dad came over and worked at it (it was wedged behind a shed and between the fences) until he managed to conquer it. Now we have loads of firewood. If only we actually used the fireplace ...

Planning on scoping out the local do-it-yourself home improvement stores this weekend and hopefully replace the back door. If I don't take a truck, maybe I won't buy the first door I see. I'm such a sucker at those stores. I'm sales fodder before I even set foot in the door. Anyway, looking for french doors to replace the sliding door that is beyond help. I've never been a fan of sliding doors and I've gotten the let's-get-this-over-with bug again. My usual partner in crime is out of town on business and I don't know if I will make it without him. Do I have the patience? We'll see!

Monday, May 9, 2011


Monday mornings have got to be my most difficult times. I know why, but I can't help it. I'm supposed to be at the office early enough to greet the 7:30 patient. Didn't happen today. Not even close. The sleeping problem is apparently gone. I sleep too soundly know. Missed both alarm clocks. But, if I wasn't up till one am writing, this probably wouldn't be an issue. Yes, Where to Belong is still being edited, but I have a newer story in my head that is begging to come out. Can't deny it. I wish it would become more fluid at better times though. Like when I had last Wednesday afternoon off, or maybe all day Friday. Would it be asking too much for it to work with me on Saturday? I stared at the screen for most of the weekend (when I wasn't reading on the front step) and maybe got six paragraphs out. Even my outline is jumbled. Loving the story, but it's not loving me back. Until last night. About 11:30, it just came. It kept coming until I could hardly keep my eyes open. Even then, after I gave up and went to bed, it was still active. I so badly wanted to call in and stay up with it. I wouldn't have been missed. Slow day at the office. Busy load-wise, but slow when it came to anything I was needed for. Boo. A computer crashed so we only had one. That meant no internet for me. Used my iPhone, but that poor little battery can only do so much. I had my scratch pad for notes, didn't use it. Came home, ordered pizza, then planned to hit the key board. Nope. Played in the Mini. Much smoother tonight.

So that's six working titles. Two are planned to be three part sagas. But then another two are of my weaker stories. That's too bad, I like them. I'll just have to beef them up along the way. The very first one is still my favorite (three parts easily). I guess it's like a first love, can never really get it out of my mind. I've rewritten it countless times now. It can be so much more, though. I think I need to put it away for awhile and try again later. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

I have a few bloggers who have agreed to do reviews for Where to Belong when I get it all squared away. That was exciting for me. Getting some stuff together to go down to the local library to see if I can leave some copies with them. I want to approach a local indie book store, but I'm nervous about that one. I know the ladies at the library, not so much the people at the store. There's always someone different when I go. Yet I have found a few other indie stores on-line around the country who are up to self-pub titles. Still looking into that. I do want to get a publisher eventually, but not yet. Now I feel like I need to prove something to myself and get this book out there on my own. I've never been know for taking the easy way around (not that getting published is easy). Maybe I should try ...

Watched the Labyrinth again this weekend, and the Secret of NIMH. Forgot how much I loved those two movies. Also completely forgot what they were about. Colt laughed at me for being so absorbed in them, but I know he liked them too. Well, at least the Labyrinth. Wanted to watch The Mask of Zorro again, I think we loaned it out. Can't find it. Settled on The Phantom Menace. It's still cute, that's all. Other than that, no movies. Nothing new anyway.

I've ordered another load of books to read. Also a ton of more music from iTunes and one album from Amazon. Fun there. We had to abort the card attached to those accounts since it was also our card for the PS3. Yep, it got us. I think they'll get it all under control before much longer. Heard Sony hired former NCIS agents to get the hackers. If it's Gibbs and his team, it'll be resolved in no time. That's the only show I've missed since we cut off the cable. Gonna have to rent the past season and wait for this one to come out.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Sneaking a proof ...
I guess I should also throw the description out there too:

Madison is an ex-con artist (safe-cracker) who has now lived by the rules for eight years following the tragic death of her fiancé. She has made a new life for herself in Chicago despite the challenges of honest work. Her world flips upside-down once again when she runs into her best friend that she left behind in a desperate attempt to escape the dangerous lifestyle they were leading, only to find out he is in deeper than she could have ever imagined. They are forced to team up with the hope to shield one another while still dealing with the abrupt separation that left them both secretly heartbroken.
When not only her way of life, but also the life of her dearest friend is threatened by an old associate, will it be enough for her to continue as a law abiding citizen, or will she be forced back into the line of work that claimed the love of her life?

Until next time!