Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm Back

Didn't purposely take so long posting this last time. The past week and then some was not at all cheery, so I didn't want to write anything until I was in a better mood. Aiming to not sound like a whiner. I know I don't have much to complain about, but it would have been aimed more so at those who take advantage of others when they are a little down. Not cool. The ones who act like you don't exist until they need something from you? Yep, those would be the ones. And then I for whatever reason am always disappointed to learn a neighbor isn't so neighborly. I'll get over it. Reality checks are kind of a killjoy.

In all my bumming recently I managed to read three books and accomplish absolutely nothing in my manuscript projects. First book I read was The Ocean by Mia Castile. I liked it although it was a little too much high-school-love-drama type for me. The characters and their families were enjoyable and the story was fun, I just hope I showed a little more maturity when I was in high school. I skipped a few pages here and there when I wasn't feeling a scene. It was super reasonable on Kindle and sounded good to me!

Second and third book was Inside Out and Outside In by Maria V. Snyder. Loved them both and am in the middle of reading them again. The first was better than the second, but the second was harder to put down. The action kept coming and plot kept twisting. Bed time and end of lunch breaks were really annoying while I was reading Outside In.

We rented The Green Hornet and I laughed all the way through it. it was not at all what I expected. I totally let the nerd in me win and I picked up a copy of Firefly on bluray this week. Life As We Know It was really cute although it made me cry. Kind of goes with recent events, so it got me.

Yard work has kept us busy as well. Finally cut down the tree that no one claimed responsibility for. It wasn't really on our property, but it was in the way of the utility pole (electric, phone, cable) and wasn't exactly pretty to look at. Dad came over and worked at it (it was wedged behind a shed and between the fences) until he managed to conquer it. Now we have loads of firewood. If only we actually used the fireplace ...

Planning on scoping out the local do-it-yourself home improvement stores this weekend and hopefully replace the back door. If I don't take a truck, maybe I won't buy the first door I see. I'm such a sucker at those stores. I'm sales fodder before I even set foot in the door. Anyway, looking for french doors to replace the sliding door that is beyond help. I've never been a fan of sliding doors and I've gotten the let's-get-this-over-with bug again. My usual partner in crime is out of town on business and I don't know if I will make it without him. Do I have the patience? We'll see!

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