Monday, May 9, 2011


Monday mornings have got to be my most difficult times. I know why, but I can't help it. I'm supposed to be at the office early enough to greet the 7:30 patient. Didn't happen today. Not even close. The sleeping problem is apparently gone. I sleep too soundly know. Missed both alarm clocks. But, if I wasn't up till one am writing, this probably wouldn't be an issue. Yes, Where to Belong is still being edited, but I have a newer story in my head that is begging to come out. Can't deny it. I wish it would become more fluid at better times though. Like when I had last Wednesday afternoon off, or maybe all day Friday. Would it be asking too much for it to work with me on Saturday? I stared at the screen for most of the weekend (when I wasn't reading on the front step) and maybe got six paragraphs out. Even my outline is jumbled. Loving the story, but it's not loving me back. Until last night. About 11:30, it just came. It kept coming until I could hardly keep my eyes open. Even then, after I gave up and went to bed, it was still active. I so badly wanted to call in and stay up with it. I wouldn't have been missed. Slow day at the office. Busy load-wise, but slow when it came to anything I was needed for. Boo. A computer crashed so we only had one. That meant no internet for me. Used my iPhone, but that poor little battery can only do so much. I had my scratch pad for notes, didn't use it. Came home, ordered pizza, then planned to hit the key board. Nope. Played in the Mini. Much smoother tonight.

So that's six working titles. Two are planned to be three part sagas. But then another two are of my weaker stories. That's too bad, I like them. I'll just have to beef them up along the way. The very first one is still my favorite (three parts easily). I guess it's like a first love, can never really get it out of my mind. I've rewritten it countless times now. It can be so much more, though. I think I need to put it away for awhile and try again later. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

I have a few bloggers who have agreed to do reviews for Where to Belong when I get it all squared away. That was exciting for me. Getting some stuff together to go down to the local library to see if I can leave some copies with them. I want to approach a local indie book store, but I'm nervous about that one. I know the ladies at the library, not so much the people at the store. There's always someone different when I go. Yet I have found a few other indie stores on-line around the country who are up to self-pub titles. Still looking into that. I do want to get a publisher eventually, but not yet. Now I feel like I need to prove something to myself and get this book out there on my own. I've never been know for taking the easy way around (not that getting published is easy). Maybe I should try ...

Watched the Labyrinth again this weekend, and the Secret of NIMH. Forgot how much I loved those two movies. Also completely forgot what they were about. Colt laughed at me for being so absorbed in them, but I know he liked them too. Well, at least the Labyrinth. Wanted to watch The Mask of Zorro again, I think we loaned it out. Can't find it. Settled on The Phantom Menace. It's still cute, that's all. Other than that, no movies. Nothing new anyway.

I've ordered another load of books to read. Also a ton of more music from iTunes and one album from Amazon. Fun there. We had to abort the card attached to those accounts since it was also our card for the PS3. Yep, it got us. I think they'll get it all under control before much longer. Heard Sony hired former NCIS agents to get the hackers. If it's Gibbs and his team, it'll be resolved in no time. That's the only show I've missed since we cut off the cable. Gonna have to rent the past season and wait for this one to come out.

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