Saturday, June 18, 2011

I Asked For This

I knew June was going to be a busy month. I also hoped it wouldn't be too busy. This is my own doing. The whole 'do I have a job or do I not' completely distracted me and I've lost track of the days. There is supposed to be a party hosted here next weekend and I've done absolutely nothing in preparation for that. A part of me wants to bail on it. The long lost challenger in me plans to tackle this head on and have the best going-away-party for my baby brother that would blow everyone's minds simultaneously. I should get busy planning and plotting, but nope, not yet. It will happen. Eventually. And I'm thinking that if I go wash the Jeep and take the top off it, we just might get some rain and bring this heat down to a bearable level. If the house is going to be packed with friends and family, we're going to have to pipe in some better AC than what the unit is currently putting out. Maybe we can all just eat ice cream cake and call it a day.

Nah, there's plenty to do and I have it all planned out. Gotta bust out the photo printer and make copies of super adorable pics of the deporting punk that will make him remember how much his family loves him (insert evil laugh). The food is planned as well, but I've yet to order the cake. Chairs are another problem. That too shall be solved. Games is a tug-of-war topic and I'm losing in that department. I was wanting horseshoes and volleyball, but if this weather keeps up its rant everyone will avoid the outdoors. The only inside game I have is Jenga.

As for the job thing, I still have one. Doc interviewed four people this week as potential replacements for me. He has decided to run the ad again. Don't know if I should laugh about that or not, but I did. Kind of feel sorry for him. One rolled her perfume before she came in and it is a small office, that's all I'll say there. Another giggled uncontrollably through the interview. One never smiled. I didn't stick around for the fourth. I went in Friday to meet the fifth and was stood up. That is weird because she sent her resume twice and had her Doc call and recommend her for the position. Oh well.

The book I order last month still hasn't come in. I sent the seller an e-mail through Amazon to let her know. No reply. I sent another Friday morning that was a little less kind and still got nothing. So Friday night I started the process of filing about the issue and was finally told that she has tried to contact me. They hid her email address and which email she sent the information to. After much email digging, we found it in one of Hubby's old accounts. The one that was set up with our PS/Sony account that was hacked. So no, we didn't actually get the email. So Colt sent an email to her through another account to let her know what was up and to apologize for my being such a jerk in the second letter. I felt really bad about that when I learned that she was at least trying. I am ashamed. I don't want the book anymore and have since moved on to another, but I think I should go ahead with the transaction. So we'll see how this plays out. Shame on me.


  1. Bummer about the book. I hope you get it soon. I've only gone with people with very high ratings and have had good results. Good luck with that.

  2. Yep, I use the ones backed by Amazon and with the best ratings. She had a 98%. I skipped a cheaper seller to go with the better rating. Guessing there was simply a slip up in the shipping process. She's "tracking" it (but there wasn't a tracking number). Still waiting though.