Thursday, June 23, 2011

Whirlwind Week

This week started off with a bang and hasn't slowed down yet. No, I'm not ready for the party I'm supposed to be hosting this weekend. It's been kind of hairy around here. My mom was in the hospital Tuesday. I got a text from her just after 8am, "Guess where I am." My only answer, as it was the typical day after another sleepless night, "Please tell me it's somewhere amusing." She proceeds to tell me not to panic or worry, everything is ok, they are only keeping her for observations. As in? She had been having chest pains for several days and they intensified at 3am Tuesday morning. So my dad took her to the ER where they stayed until 8, then was admitted for tests and all that fun stuff. She forbid me from visiting, thus I texted my hubby (whom works @ the hospital). He "dropped by" and stayed with her in between tickets and pages from his station. She was released later that same day and only took one day off from work. We've all taken turns lecturing her about relaxing, but she's your typical mom, relaxing is rare. Her doctors believe her pains were from anxiety, which I completely understand and would not doubt, but have her scheduled for more tests.

Amid all that fun, Dillon announced that he is still moving in less than two weeks no matter who pulls the next stunt. He said she reminded him of the Mom off Two and One Half Men. He was just as worried as the rest of us. He only shows it differently. His first words when she came home was, "Did you not have time to pack me lunch before you left? Not even a sandwich?" Now you should know he always trades his sandwich for someone else's lunch at work or goes to sonic for a chili dog.

His Jeep, aka the Big Red Jeep, was picked up yesterday to be delivered to his new home in California. That was kind of a wake up call for us all. It was like his moving was blatantly official at that point. If the Jeep has left, he won't be far behind. He didn't even stick around after it was loaded up. Left Mom and Gwen there to watch it leave in tears, and me on the phone crying along with them.

I printed roughly 100 pictures this week in preparation for the party. Still don't know exactly what I'm going to do with them, but I have lots of ideas. Wall of Dillon? Dillon streamers? Book of Dillon? Box of Dillon? Yeah, weird. I know. I don't do decorations at parties, or themes. I do "what in the world is that?"

All he knows is that Saturday is BBQ with friends and a rack of ribs is promised. I told him he owes me for a few events, thus I have his cooperation. He should be coming and bringing a friend (whom knows about the whole thing). I have a few back-up people to make sure he arrives. If he some how avoids it, we'll have that much more cake and ribs to go around. Now about that snow board.

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find a decent snow board in Texas this time of year? Surprisingly, not that difficult. We finally obtained one last night. It's so pretty! This is sad because I have never seen one before in my life. Pictures, yes. Actual board, no. All I can say is that I instantly imagined it being a hover board instead of something to play in the snow with.

My manuscript came home earlier this week. My editor had finished with it the week prior but hadn't gotten around to sending it back. So I volunteered to pick it up. I got car sick on the way there and ended up waiting in the Jeep as Colt went in to get it. Grady (editor) came back out with him and held the fat binder hostage. He proceeded to drop it in my lap when I rolled down the window. I think it had gained weight since I last saw it. I don't remember it being so heavy. Anyway, he leaned in the window and told me that the changes I had made were just what the story needed, it reads much easier, and that he is this proud (spreading his arms out wide, & he is a BIG dude) of my progress. He started a silly jig, and I joined him. Grady's wife and Colt stood back and laughed at us. I joked that they were judging us and our imaginary world, Grady just laughed and kept dancing. He did eventually get serious and made a few recommendations to make the story thrive that much more. I've finished the grammatical corrections needed. Now to weave in the spice he suggested. It has his stamp of approval and his best wishes as it is wrapped up and offered to the world.

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