Thursday, July 7, 2011

Found It

A few posts back I mentioned that I couldn't hear my voice in Where to Belong. It was pointed out to me. They didn't know it, but my writer friend drew a great big arrow to it. In a way. He made some notes in my manuscript about rephrasing things and swapping a few words out here and there. That's cool. That's what I was asking for. But some of those he highlighted and some of the suggestions he made just wasn't anything I would do. Because that isn't how I would have said it, or how the MC was thinking. I guess that's my voice. Kind of weird to find it like that, but it sure helped me a bunch. It's like a friend once told me: You never can truly see yourself. You may see reflections, or photographs, or images, but you can not actually see your whole self. I thought he was a loon when he said it, and I just went with it to avoid any more of the conversation, but now I think I understand what he was getting at. Any way, crisis averted. And if I don't change my mind or chicken out, I'm going to call my team tomorrow and upload this book and get it moving. Next step: review proof.

In other news, I found my new BSG, Firefly, Enterprise, Kyle XY. I've been out of a series to watch for far too long. We don't have cable and we haven't had cable for over a year now, so I've been relying on Netflix and friends to offer a TV series. Tried to get into several. Nothing clicked. Then someone on Twitter mentioned Roswell. I'd never heard of it. It started in '99. That was a super busy year for me. I don't remember anything TV-wise from that year. So I looked it up. Alien stuff. I don't usually like that stuff (though 3 out of the 4 I listed were all about alien/outer space type stuff). I fell in love with Roswell in the first 5 minutes of the pilot. I sat and watched the first three episodes in a row. And over the past week or so, I've managed to finish the first season. Colt sat in on a few of the episodes. He wasn't big on it. That's ok, BSG was the last one we agreed on and he didn't even finish it. So when he started asking more questions about Roswell, I got him up to speed and he watched the final 2 of season one with me.

I went to bed early that night, dead tired from all the mayhem life had to offer that week. He woke me up about 2am when he came to bed. I never wake up well when I'm that tired, so I missed most of what he was talking about. Then he started asking about Roswell again, asking if I wanted to start the next season in the morning, who I liked the best, who I thought was trouble, where I thought the show was going. I answered as best I could with the hopes of him letting me finally get back to sleep. He took the answers and said goodnight. When I settled back in and was beginning to doze, he leaned over and whispered that one of my mentioned characters dies in the next season. How wrong is that? He apparently watched it when it originally aired. He laughed at my shocked reaction, rolled over, and went to sleep without answering all the questions I had about it. That is just plain mean! I'm still watching it. My guy hasn't died yet. But I think it's coming soon, and I think I know who does it. Not fair. Still loving the series though.

Dillon arrived safely in Tahoe yesterday. He sent a pic of the house with all the Jeeps parked in front of it. Definitely a bachelor pad. They were heading out to stock the fridge. It was a long drive and he had more than his share of excitement throughout. So I did the big sisterly thing this morning and remembered the two hour time difference and sent him a "good morning" text at 8am our time. Had to laugh when he didn't return it until 11.

My coworker was off this week, so I was on my own managing the front and back of the office. It really isn't that bad with it being such a small business. All the clients know I am usually in the back and were patient with my lack of talent when it came to the computer and front desk stuff. Except for one lady, who did her best to take advantage of my ignorance. I was warned about her, so I was prepared, and not fooled. Win. But today, the last few appointments, which were confirmed, did not happen. Blah. I made a few calls and couldn't fill the gaps in the schedule. Doc came up and asked for a progress report, so I told him of the holes. He just shrugged and walked away, telling me to shut everything down, lock up, and go home. Yay! He beat me out the door though, and that was the funniest part. We were both so ready to call it a day.

I work tomorrow. The shuttle launch is tomorrow. It is the last launch, which is sad. There is no way you could ever get me in one of those things, but I still find the entire program to be absolutely amazing. I will be watching and hoping the weather cooperates. Please no scrub. Go Atlantis!

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