Sunday, July 31, 2011

#Row 80 7/31 Check-In

This is the weakest check-in so far. I have a day with a big fat "0" on the word count. I goofed up somewhere in my scheduling and misplaced a day. I still can't explain what I was thinking or how I bumbled it so badly. I knew we were having company one night this week. I just marked the wrong evening. Anyway, guest came when I was not prepared and I lost a night of writing. I was a bad host and tried to sneak off at one point to get at least the 100 word safety net. It didn't happen. I'd like to say that I made up for it the next day, but I didn't. I haven't even gotten to it yet today. The only reason the file is open is to check my word count. Boo for me. But I have one load of laundry left on my to-do list, then it is just me and my WIP. Looking forward to a better check-in next time around. Hope everyone else did much better!

Oh, and I clicked "confirm". One more proof before publication. And yes, I survived letting it go yet again.

I had forgotten a certain wager between my husband and myself. He needed a push in getting his project Jeep fixed up, and I needed that push to pursue publishing Where to Belong. So we had a race to see who finished first. Would it be the Jeep all shined up and beefy or the book released and officially a book? As of Wednesday night (while I was so viciously debating my book's worth) Colt won. He rolled up in the Cherokee with a fresh coat of silver paint. It looked great. He forgot the bet as well. I thought he was just being nice since he's had to deal with my belly-aching for the past week. I mentioned it yesterday and he beamed. He slowed long enough to remind me that I could have won if I didn't drag my feet on this last confirmation. Then he was back to beaming. Neither of us remembered what exactly we wagered, so we settled on a Tombstone Pizza and some BBC Robin Hood with the phones shut off.

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  1. I misplace days all the time, so maybe our days are hanging out with each other! ;-) Hope this week is going better for you. I can't seem to catch up (which is why I'm just now getting around to Sunday check-ins).