Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Catching On

Little has happened since my last post. I've pretty much stayed close to home and kept busy with cleaning and reading. Don't ask me what I've read because I've retained nothing. So I guess I'll be rereading much of that.

We've had lots of visitors this weekend. Mom stopped by and dropped off a pot of her home made spaghetti sauce. That makes everything better. Several friends have come by with plenty of cheer. Much appreciated. Colt's parents came by Sunday with a kitten. We didn't keep her, but she was fun to play with. Fatty didn't like her at all, but we figured that much. The kitten found a home later that day with Colt's grandmother.

I noticed a these past few days that Fatty (Oliver) is hiding more than usual, and when he does come out, he creeps everywhere he goes. We figured out that he is scared from the night Scooter got sick. When Scooter went lame, he was wailing and thrashing around, so I locked Oliver in another room since I didn't know what had happened. I didn't know if Scooter got caught in something, or something fell on him, or some kind a spider bite, no clue. All I knew is he was in lots of pain and acted like his back legs were broken. Thus, all Oliver knows is Scooter got hurt, then disappeared.

He is most cautious in the hall where I found Scooter. Anywhere else in the house, he wigs if there is the slightest noise. Then he goes into hiding for hours. We've been coaxing him out with treats, but that stopped working last night. He has been getting us up at 5am to play and cuddle. I got up with him yesterday and came downstairs. He was better for a little while, then went recluse on us again. It's gotten to be a game (a sad game) to find where he disappears to. Places I've found him are under the bed, behind my desk, behind the bedroom door, and in the linen closet. We'll get him to come out for a short time, then a loud truck will drive by or the wind will blow or a bird chirp outside and he'll bolt. Then that's it, end of the Fatty Show.

Today is better, though. He ate all his food (I still fill both bowls) and came out on his own. He even sat in my lap a little while this afternoon. He plays with a few of the toys we have out for him. He even sat in the window and sunned. Still skittish, but getting much better.

We have been looking for a new kitten to attempt to fill the void. I know it won't be another Scooter, but hoping it will be close. We always joked that we would "Repet" him if anything happened to him. But that is fictional as of yet. So we set out to find another Snowshoe. I found some at a Siamese Rescue, but they were asking unreal amounts of cash for rescue kittens. Then we would have been on our own to get their shots and what not. Found another at a private shelter. He was as close to a clone of Scooter as we could have possibly gotten, but he was also older. We don't want to upset Oliver any more that what has already happened, so we figured an older one would only push him around (he's a big baby). A kitten seems to be the safest way to go. Found one in another shelter about 2 hrs from here. He is a three month old Snowshoe that was rescued from a kill-shelter. He gets fixed and the last of his kitten shots this upcoming Saturday. I called his foster family and they agreed to hold him for us. We bring him home Sunday.


  1. I feel for your little family. We still miss Margaret, who died of the same thing, but different location. Hang in there, Wendy. The lil kitty that's coming home will very much lap up all the love you got!

  2. I've got a Snowshoe, as well (Skidmark)... he is a butt head, but I wouldn't want to change him in any way! He talks a LOT, and likes to lay down on my computer when I am right in the middle of something...but they are a great breed of cat and you will have tons of fun with the new kitten. I'm glad Fatty is doing better... they seem to know, and go through there own mourning... Sending a big hug your way and lots of love!

  3. Looking forward to hearing all about the newcomer. Kittens are crazy and so much fun >¨<