Tuesday, August 30, 2011

LIVE (kind of)

I finally clicked "Approve". Where to Belong has gone live. Mostly. Well, it takes a little time to activate. But anyway...

If you want a paperback copy:

Still waiting on the Kindle version through Amazon. I'll update that when it is available.
Smashwords is live. It is still awaiting approval for the premium catalog (which I am really, really hoping I did it right) but is otherwise available:

So, there it is. Not as epic as I thought it would be. Fail on my part because I didn't pick a day to release it. Oops. Now I know for next time. Until then, it's just me, a glass of ice tea, a half eaten box of fig newtons, and the nuttiest kitten I've ever laid eyes on. That, and it's way past my bed time.

1 comment:

  1. This is so exciting. Remind me to include these links when I post your interview. Please send them to me in an email.

    Tea and cookies and a kitten? A great way to celebrate. Congratulations.