Wednesday, August 3, 2011

#Row 80 8/3 Check-In

I stuck to my WIP Sunday after checking in. The result was great (for me). 1848 words before calling it a day. The rest of the week since then, blah. 230 and 329. I can't believe the 329 from yesterday. I dragged myself to the computer after a lousy Monday and Tuesday at work (the kind of days that made me want to tear up my uniform and bolt for the door screaming, "I'm a writer and you can't catch me!") and forced myself to hit the 100 mark. Then I just went with it. The following 229 words may not seem like much in the story, but I was hardly able to look at the screen for being so exhausted. I guess the same can be said for Monday's writing. Several lines and words I didn't recall using fit in nicely. So my auto-pilot got me through those days. It might have to again tonight. I'm beat but I want to work on the WIP. I have laundry and cleaning to do, but I don't wanna. They'll get done. Tonight. Eventually.


  1. Writing on auto-pilot. I'll have to look into that. Sounds like you're pushing through despite the challenges Well done!

  2. The fact that you keep on going even when it is really tough is what makes you awesome. I think I need to work on my awesome a bit more...