Wednesday, August 10, 2011

#Row80 Check-In 8/10

Not too bad of a check-in. One wimpy day, but the other two are not too shabby. Sunday evening saw 715 words. Monday night was blah. I have an excuse. That was when my proof came in. So I was doing more looking and reading than writing. Monday's final count was 102 (boo). Last night was better. I put out 529 before collapsing into bed. Haven't started tonight yet. No, still didn't hit my 1000 yet this week. Long weekend coming up. It is a busy weekend, thus I'm not sure I will get much accomplished. Sad that it is the half way mark in the campaign. I would like to be farther along with this WIP.


  1. Good luck! Love the cover of the book :-)

  2. Going over proofs sounds like important stuff...

    Hope you keep moving ahead!