Sunday, August 21, 2011

#Row80 Check-In 8/21

Epic fail. That is all I can come up with to describe my progress. I can say that I opened the WIP since last check-in. I read it over and made minor adjustments. But that is all. A combination of upsets and health issues has left my muse bloodied and bruised and cowering in the corner. This past week has been a real doozy and I know I have probably another week of it to come. But I have an excellent support group and amazing friends and family. They have really stepped up as of late and made this all bearable.

The last time I froze in my writing like this it took me just shy of a month to get back to it. I'm hoping to be back in business much sooner than that.

I looked over several check-ins while delaying in writing this one. Sounds like everyone is doing very well and cheering each other along. Good work, fellow ROWers. Keep it up.


  1. Any progress is better than no progress. I wouldn't say you failed, after all you did open the WIP and read it. This will refresh the story in your mind and allow it to brew a bit. The fun thing about being a writer is that our subconscious is working out details all the time.

    Busy work always helps me past these points. Read, do laundry, think about a character, doesn't have to be anything serious, light weight is good. Gets the creative juices flowing.

    Hope your coming week is better, Wendy. Be well :)

  2. I agree with Gene, opeing your WIP and reading through it and making adjustments however minor is progress. I like the idea of things brewing when we step away from them.

    I hope this week is better and we you get back to your WIP it is with a fresh mind. Take care.

  3. I often get derailed, sometimes you need to dive back in, sometimes you need to ease yourself back in slowly. it's not a fail, it's just a bump. Hope next week treats you better.

  4. I went on a full week hiatus of absolutely no writing...not even opening my WIP doc. I hope I can write lots in the coming weeks to make up for the 5,000 words I didn't finish that week.

  5. don't force the return the brain continues it's fermentation and if your week and one to come are horrendous you may need time to stop the waves rocking and some calm water - your story continues within
    all the best

  6. Maybe you need to cleanse your palette (and your brain) with some quality reading time. I know that always helps me when I'm in a funk and/or not feeling well.

    Here's hoping this week goes better for you!

  7. I've had several weeks during ROW80 where I dreaded the update because of how little I accomplished, but the support has really pulled me through. I hope knowing we are all pulling for you helps!