Monday, September 19, 2011

Now It's Monday

Last week and this past weekend have been a bit on the busy side. I thought last night was Saturday night. That is really, really off because I did all my usual Sunday happenings during the day. So how I managed to misplace an evening tells of my talent as of late. I scrambled to get the laundry done so Hubby could have office friendly attire ready before his work day.

I am dog-sitting for my parents for a while. I have the Pom, Dottie. If you were with me last year (might have been the year before), you will recall that Dottie was originally my adopted puppy. But with certain upsets at home and my inability to give her the time she needed, I ended up letting her go. My parents took her with the promise that when things settled here at home I could have her back. So I packed up my travel buddy and left her at my parents' place across town. She wound up LOVING it there and has been their dog (well, Dad's dog) since. My parents took a road trip to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary and I have Dottie until they get back.

It's safe to say she is still their dog. She sat at the door for the first day and cried. The second day was spent in the window crying. She has since calmed and now follows me around. She is a total bed hog, which doesn't make sense since she is maybe 4lbs. The cats are bigger than her. She hardly eats, drags a stinky chew toy around, and begs to sit in my lap when I am still. But she is so friggin adorable!

Both Dottie and Diesel still think everyone's day should start at 5:40 am. That is not fun. My average bed time this month has been 1am. Thus I am not a morning person when they bring all their morning glory to my side of the bed that early. Still, I get up, feed them, let Dot out, wait for her to come back in, toss Dottie's ball and Diesel's mouse for a little while, then get on with my day. They were nice to me today and let me sleep till 8. As wonderful as that was, it makes me nervous that they were tearing something up instead of waking me. Haven't found it yet, but I haven't looked too closely.

Colt's parents were also out of town on a road trip. But there was a wildfire out by their house last week, so we had to keep an eye on that. It didn't get to their place, but it was close enough that we pulled some stuff out of their house and brought it to ours. The firefighters got it under control for awhile, then it rekindled the next morning. It was contained by noon that day. I haven't gone out there to see how close it got, but I know it was across the road at one point. I never realized how quickly those fires move. It was amazing (and disconcerting).

But the weather has turned around and given us poor Texans a break. We have had a little rain this weekend. The heat backed off and it has been in the 90's and 80's these past few days. I admit, I busted out the hoodie when it was 70 something one morning. I love this weather!

Where to Belong. Yeah, it's out. I'm still waiting on Amazon to release the official Kindle version. Going on three weeks now. It is up and going on Smashwords. That is the version I have on my Kindle and it seems fine to me. I don't know what will be different about it.

I was totally floored to find out Powell's in Oregon is carrying Where to Belong in their stores. My plan was to send them a few dozen for free and beg them to find a shelf for it. I just wanted to be able to say my book is at Powell's. But they already had it! I did not expect that at all. Now, whether or not it is where anyone can find it, I have no idea. But it's at POWELL'S! Wow. I am happy about that (if you didn't notice).

It is also at Diesel books in Oakland and Brentwood, California. On the shelves. I texted my brother last night to see how far he lived from Oakland. A few hours. Then he proceeded to tell me that he was in Concord, which is a short distance from Oakland. He and a friend had gone there to pick up a transmission for his Comanche. They even stepped into Oakland to look around. But by the time I texted, then promptly called, he was on his way back to Tahoe. Diesel was closed. He had to be the grown up and tell me he wouldn't stay the night in Oakland to see my book (he already has a copy) on Monday. Boo. He had to go to work.

Where to Belong has shown up on several websites. I have them listed on the right side of my posts. One in the UK! Another wow. I really didn't think it would list on many sites outside of Amazon and Smashwords. Pleasant surprises.

I had my first author interview recently. It can be found at Angelina C. Hansen's blog. It was fun. Angelina has been very encouraging and I enjoy chatting with her on Twitter.

I am working on my Goodreads page. Where to Belong has one, but I'm not officially the author according to them. Hope to have that squared away before too much longer. As for now, the generic W. Smith is the listed author.

Row is wrapping up and I am way behind on my word count. Marketing for WtB and research for other projects have really taken over my writing time. I have a new respect for full time writers. Writing a WIP is the easy part. Everything thereafter is intimidating. I am still learning to balance my time. But as long as I keep my priorities in line, I just might figure this thing out.


  1. Congrats, Wendy on finding your book in a bookstore! That's fabulous! (I think it calls for cookies/cake/or some delectable treat!)

    I wonder why Amazon is taking so long with your kindle version? Although, who am I to even ask...I'm still tinkering with my CreateSpace print version. I hate ~ Nadja

  2. WTB is at Powell's. HOLY MOLY!!! Personally, I'd have to fly to Portland just to take a picture of it on the bookshelves - then mail it to every agent in the land. But that's me. =) By the way, love the picture of you on Angi's interview!!