Wednesday, September 7, 2011

#Row80 9/7 Check-In

Oneiros didn't grow much on Sunday. I changed some things around and edited (I know I'm supposed to hold off until later for that, but I can't help myself!) bits and pieces. Monday and Tuesday accrued a little over 300 words each. I also had to skip forward a chapter in my writing. Just wasn't feeling a scene. So it has a big hole in it for now. I've gotta keep moving with the story before I get mad at the stingy part and dump the whole thing. I'll come back to it later. Sometimes you have to finish an adventure before you can see where it is you have been.

Where to Belong has been approved for the Premium Catalog. It will take one to two weeks for it to start popping up on the designated sites. That will give me some time to figure out more about publicity. And my order came in, so I can send those out to the bloggers and reviewers that have already agreed to look it over. I see a trip to the post office in my near future.

So we have entered the final stretch of Row80. I am not as far along as I want to be, but I hope to change that. My part-time scheduling started last week. That means I have more time to give to many projects. Writing is only one of them, but will fit nicely into my new schedule. Thank you to my fellow ROWers for your support and in sharing your own stories. It has been very encouraging and I hope I have been able to cheer you along as well as you have cheered for me.


  1. You're doing great, Wendy! You already know I'm skipping over plot potholes in my story, but I bet we'll both figure them out as we go. Congrats on the progress your making with WTB. I'm excited for you!

  2. I never left 'holes'...I found some element to write, knowing that I'd have a 'shell' to work with when I went over it again. Don't know if that will inspire you...but it did work for me.! :}
    Today was my first day at home - no boys (they started school today...I didn't) - no teaching - hhmmmmm. It was good. I worked a bit on all the online visiting that has backed up on me. I beta read another chapter for a really great writer I met online (and I laughed out loud! This piece has got great hilarity within it.) My family and friends called to see if I was okay...they were worried that I'd be bored already. No such thing.
    I sure hope you feel as relaxed as I do about all your new free time. We'll find ways to fill it up...won't we? Ha! Have a great week, Wendy ~ Nadja

  3. I don't write in linear style all the time, so I try not to worry about holes, although I suppose I do have the shell that Nadja refers to.

    Great news on Where to Belong--that is exciting! It sounds like you are doing well, and having more time to yourself can only make it better!