Wednesday, September 14, 2011

#Row80 Check-In 9/14 & Cognizance

On the Row front:

Miscalculation on my part. This campaign ends on the 22nd. That's earlier than I thought. There is little chance for me to reach my 50k word count by then. Yes, I am finally focusing on the story and doing much better than I have since the start of the campaign, but that's just a bit much. That's 26,620 words needed in eight days including today. Nine if the 22nd is an actual writing day. 3,328 words a day is what I will need to complete my set goal. I have stopped shy of 1k each day since last check-in.

I keep looking back to NaNoWriMo and checking my numbers. There was a day I did over 5k. Not one day was under 1k. I was working full time and juggling even more projects at home. Now I am part time, not even working in the office one day this week, and I'm struggling to hit 1k. Granted, yesterday was packed full of surprises and a few game changers and I didn't get to open the WIP until late in the evening. But now I've added another issue to the pile.

I mentioned early at the start of Oneiros that I was considering altering the POV. I have always written in third-person. I am now broken of head-hopping in the story and sticking with one angle. But Oneiros has been a little odd to me. I have been fighting to keep the idea at bay. The story is already in progress. But yesterday I realized it needs to be told from the first person. I think it will give it more strength. Third just isn't clicking. So do I scrap everything I have done so far and start over? Or do I finish what I've started and rewrite in the 1st and see which has more life? I'm thinking the 2nd option.

In other news, I've encountered a few obstacles in publicizing Where to Belong. Two of the three review bloggers who agreed to post it backed out Monday. One is too busy. The other has changed their genre. I have yet to get back in touch with the third. So my planned route crashed and burned. I spent yesterday scrambling to find bloggers and reviews for WtB. Two responded right away. One took a digital copy last night. The plan is nearly back on track. But since I am late to get in their TBR pile, the reviews will be coming later than expected. At this point, a late review is better than no review. I am still looking for book sites and bloggers to do give-aways and such, but it is still too early to name names.

A few set-backs, but I'm still kicking.


  1. 1K a day is good and steady progress. Good work.
    As for the bloggers who have backed out, I can only imagine that you must be feeling frustrated. Having a plan fall through and realizing that you are back at the start line...yeah. But - that means that you have new opportunities. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Who knows what the reason is for your little set back, but it came about and will ultimately work out for your good. :) ~ Nadja

  2. Sounds like you are making great progress, Wendy, even if you don't make your listed goal. On the Oneiros shift, I'm with you, the 2nd option is the way to go. That way you have both to compare the strengths and weaknesses that are inherent in each.

    All the best for the remainder of Round 3 and hope to see you in the next round :)

  3. I found in the summer when I had more time I wrote less, I think that is just part of writing! Atleast you are writing and 1k is great for a day! I always have it in my head if I reach that I have written 'enough'. I too am toying with writing a bit in the first person when I get back to my WIP, I just keep thinking the MC's emotions will be better displayed in that way.

    I have passed you the Versatile blogger award and you can read more here!

    Have a great week!

  4. Well, Wendy, it may not be timely, but ask some of the ROW80 folks--in fact, I'd be surprised if a bunch of folks stepped forward (shoot, if you need someone, let me know!)