Friday, October 21, 2011

Change of Pace

I've been a bit a of bum over the past few days.  It hasn't been any one thing that has been bugging me.  Bad news accrued and worry combined to turn into a little raincloud I surrendered to.  My writing has slowed, but my ideas have not taken a break.  I seem to have more ideas than I have time or energy to entertain them.  Once again, I've found myself doubting what I do.  I tried to push through, but let the uncertainty weigh on me for too long.  I know I'm not the only one by a long shot.  But the world of writing can be very lonely and scary at times.  It is constantly changing.  What is a rule one day is adjusted the next.  What is hot one day cools off and moves aside when something bigger and hotter begins to take shape.  Constant motion.  Constant tweaking.  As a writer, one has to adapt their ideas and techniques to an extent to keep up with this turbulent trade.  When it works, it is breathtaking.  When it falls, it is painful.  It's easy to become a pessimist in this field.

I have a point, somewhere.  I guess I've let set backs, both past and present, build up to this point.  I've always been reclusive about my work.  I make myself sick worrying about who reads it, whether they like it, was it ready to let go of, and will it stand on its own.  But I have also learned that once I do let go and take a step back, there is more good than harm by it.  Yes, the negative happens.  It is expected.  Not everyone can come to an understanding of my work.  That goes for any work.  There are so many titles I've pined over and put upon a pedestal only to be dumbfounded when I hear a less than impressed review of it.  Taste ranges drastically.  Then there are the ones who do agree.  The ones who see what I see.  The ones who believe what I believe.  The ones who appreciate my work.  Those are the ones that have convinced me to make some changes of my own.

I know I have my share of growing to do still as a writer and I am eager to do so.  The writing community has given me much to ponder as of late.  I am very appreciative of the advise and kind words offered by those in this field.  Again, the helping hands have outnumbered the naysayers.  And with their kind assistance and the encouragement of those who have voiced their admiration of my shared stories I have decided to open up more of my writings.

Why I write.  That was a topic that surfaced on Twitter.  I don't usually pay much attention to those trends, but this one caught my eye.  So many writers are in the same boat as I am.  We are all looking for ways to share our stories.  We are all looking for the ones who open their hearts and minds to the character we have created.  And when they are found, it is indescribable.

Nothing in the world of writing is guaranteed.  One has to find their own niche along the way.  Even with all the support one can gain in the trade, they still have to make the final decision about their work.  Why they write.

I've reevaluated my own reasons.  I've been ignorant of many of them.  So I am going to try something a little different.  I enjoy sharing my work.  At the same time, I am terrified to do so.  But I know there is only one way to let others see my work.  I have to give it to them.  The very first story line I ever started has been with me for over a decade.  It is the one I am most protective of.  It is also the one that I get the most interest in.  While I kept Where to Belong under wraps for most of it's development,  this other story I shared more frequently.  First, I sent pieces to people I always exchange books with.  I didn't tell them it was my work.  I simply sent it and stepped back.  Everyone asked for more.  I'm not aiming to brag on it, don't get me wrong, it's the fact that I've left those people hanging.  I've left the story unfinished.  That is not fair.

While I am enrolled with Row80 and NaNo in the upcoming months, it will be a little more difficult to follow through with this.  But I'm going to try.  A big "Thank you" to Michelle Franklin.  She gave me the push I needed.  It's why we write.  We share our stories.  It isn't the name, or the publisher who picks us up, or the agent who holds our hand.  It's the readers.  They matter most.  I am very much unknown and new to this trade, but I am having a blast.  I love writing.  So my big change that I've rambled on for far too long is this:

I will begin sharing The Shattered Remnants series on this blog.  I don't know how often I will post, but I hope to keep it regular.  It is a rather long story line.  It can easily exceed three novels.  I've rewritten it too many times to keep track.  It is my firstborn.  And no offense to my other WIPs, but it is my favorite.  The genre is different.  So I will be breaking one of the "rules".  It is fantasy.  While I have released my general fiction work under W.J. Smith, I have not yet decided on a pen name.  I plan to eventually stick with one genre and one pen name, but like I said, I'm still growing.

I'll adjust the tabs shortly and begin the story.  The first installment is called The Veiled Heiress.  What better place to start than in the beginning?

-Stay tuned

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  1. Oh, do I hear you, Wendy! The scariness of letting people see your work--I totally get it. And brava for going for it and sharing it. I really enjoyed Where to Belong, so I am looking forward to more from you.

    I saw the announcement on SheWrites to tweet why we write, but was travelling with a nearly dead phone all day. I feel very much the way you do--both about sharing it and that the readers are who matter--I posted a flash fiction in public for the very first time ever in September. I know is not at all mainstream, but it's what I write. You may actually pull me out of my fiction closet--maybe I'll follow your lead.

    I write in hopes of making people see something differently, understand something or someone, or think about something they've never thought of before.

    As for sticking with one genre and one pen name, do that if you think it is best for you, but you shouldn't feel you have to stick to one genre or one name. I have different names for the different genres I write (not that you have to follow my lead ;) just saying!

    And brava for writing this post. It isn't easy to admit that one is nervous.