Friday, October 14, 2011

Now Or Never Continued

I didn't want to add this in with the giveaway, but here is an update on the family:

As of last post, my dad's mom is doing much better.  She is home and has a few more tests and so forth to go through, but looking really good.  My mom's mom, not so much.  Mom is flying to NY tomorrow to be with her.  Gram took the news really, really hard and seems to have given up.  It sucks, and that's putting it nicely.  It still hasn't kicked in for me yet, but I can feel it coming.  My Mom, Dad, and sister have already had their breakdowns.  I'm weird like that.  I take too long.  My brother has stayed busy and has been very good at checking-in with everyone.  He also gets my odd humor and that has helped so much.  Anyway, Gram's daughters are all congregating this weekend in NY to help settle everything with her estate and so forth.  They don't think she is stable enough to move to Florida, so they are (so far) planning to stay in NY until everything is done.  Then Mom will probably then go to Florida with her sisters and help each other through this.

One of the issues they have to square away is all of Gram's pets.  She never turns away a stray.  She is an animal lover to the core, so there's quite a few critters that will be needing homes.  The only one they had left that no one wanted was her Bearded Dragon.  She's a fully grown, well mannered lizard.  I have always liked her.  They laugh at me when I say she's beautiful.  Gram and I are the only ones who were willing to take care of her.  So that means Joanna will be coming to Texas.  I've already looked into getting her here.  It's kind of pricy, but it needs to be done.  There is a company who specializes in transporting reptiles.  I think I will go with them.  I just know that if I haven't cried for Gram by then, I will probably fall apart in front of the delivery guy.  To add to that, I know all our usual delivery people, so whoever ends up working with the reptile people will get to see yet another side of me.  But that's ok, we have good guys.  They'll understand.

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