Wednesday, October 12, 2011

#Row80 Check-In 10/12

It's been a roller-coaster week.  I was on fire when it came to the WIP.  I even dabbled in the one from the last round.  Both have been begging for attention.  But we have received news that, when I first heard, I dove into my WIP and stayed.  But as soon as I came up for air, reality and life kicked in, and more bad news.  The word count suffered.  The muse is still kicking, but I can't focus.  But I did pick up Mireille Chester's Crossover.  I'm almost finished with it.  It has been the perfect distraction.  I'll probably get back to one of the WIPs once I'm done.  I'm reading it on the Kindle, so I don't know what page I'm on.  The bar says I have 10% to go.  I think I'll finish it today.

Word count this time around:
Sunday the 9th: 519.  Our friends stayed late into Monday, so I did not get back to the WIP.
Monday the 10th : 1095.  I was wanting more, but I was also falling asleep at the keyboard by the end of the day.
Tuesday the 11th: 0

Monday morning my dad stopped by for a visit.  This was a surprise.  He was laid off the day after they returned from NY.  That I knew, but he has kept busy with everything else and I haven't seen much of him.  But he stopped by.  I had trouble getting a hold of my mom Sunday.  She planned on coming over for lunch and a drive to look at a house my sister wants to buy.  She never showed.  She didn't answer her phone.  She texted, but only short "yes, no" messages.  I didn't think much of it.  She probably got roped into helping out at a friends house.  She can't say no.  Anyway, Dad stopped by Monday and let me know why Mom was out of touch.  She was on her way here when she got a call from her sister in NY.  Her mom had been taken to the hospital for suspected gall bladder issues.  Turned out, that was fine.  But she had two massive lumps that the doctor found.  He sent her for a few tests, and she has been diagnosed with two different types of cancer.  They are both terminal.

It was quite a blow.  Gram has been battling another ailment.  It has really taken a toll.  This diagnosis left her numb.  She isn't too optimistic.  I know she has been dealing with lots of health issues lately, but she is a trooper.  I'm hoping more tests will bring more answers, and maybe she'll come around with time.  But poor Mom took it really, really hard.  Again, I understand why, but that isn't how she operates.  It's all just too much at once.  So Mom is heading back to NY this week.  She will go with Gram to the doctor appts.  She will also help Gram to go ahead and move to Florida like they had already planned.  But instead of getting her own place, she will be staying with one of my aunts.  More family is down there to help out.  And she doesn't need to deal with another NY winter alone.  My sister will be flying out at the end of the month to help her get around in Florida.  My aunts will all be working the same shift for a few weeks, so they need an extra person to help out.

It's still early in the diagnosis.  We didn't see this one coming, and it is a bit of a shock.  Time will tell.

Then Monday evening my dad's mom is taken to the local hospital here for signs of stroke.  They kept her overnight.  She had her share of tests Tuesday.  Turns out, she didn't have a stroke.  Thank goodness.  But I can't recall what they said it was.  Something she will have to take meds for and continue treatment until it is managed. 

So one grandma is home and recuperating.  The other is across the country and not doing so hot.  I've only be able to help out a little bit.  Phone calls mainly.  Feeling pretty useless.  But that is nothing compared to what everyone else is feeling.

Like I said, it's still early.  We don't know much of what can be done or what to expect.  We'll see.  So right now is mainly family.  Funny how priorities shift so quickly.


  1. Family should ALWAYS be the priority. We understand you gotta focus on them right now.
    And I'm so sorry ...
    Keep strong ;)

  2. Stay strong, the wips will still be there when you have a better idea of what's happening. Take care.

  3. That is a lot to take on board in one week and you are absolutely right to focus on your family.

    Take lots of care.

  4. I'm so, so sorry that you and your family are having to go through all of this. I know you want to work on your WIP, but sometimes you have to deal with family issues. My mom had a heart attack during the first round of ROW80, and I didn't finish. But I never regretted taking the time I needed to take care of Mom. Your story will still be there when you need to get back to it.

  5. *hugs* It's so hard to concentrate when a member of our family is hurting. Focus on them, don't worry about the #'s. Write if you need to bury your head for a few, but take care of yourself.