Wednesday, October 19, 2011

#Row80 Check-in 10/19

Another slow check-in.
The 16th after checking in resulted in 441 words.
The 17th was a flop with a 0.
The 18th ended with 1037.

I would love to up my daily goal to 2500 words, but that will be insane at this point.  I'm wanting to build this WIP lots so I have something to come back to after NaNoWriMo.  But I did manage to goof up my wrist last night.  It's an old work related injury that I insulted by using my left wrist to break my fall.  I'm trying to be nice to it now, but it's really annoying.  Almost wishing my Mac had the android swype.  But knowing how irritating it is with short text messages and emails, I can't imagine writing an entire novel with it.  I'd probably give up and go long hand.  Go figure, I survive playing with spelunking gear to hurt myself tripping over a power cord.  Rope burns and wrist braces are not the writer's best friend.


  1. Sometimes going long hand is a best thing to do- and makes you more productive. At least, it does with me (until I have to read my hand writing). Instead of 2500, why not aim for the NaNo standard of 1667? Think of it as a warm up for Nov ;)

  2. Sorry to hear about your wrist, do take care of yourself. I was meant to build up my writing stamina for NaNo but with plotting etc there is not time for writing!

    Hope you have a productive end to your week!

  3. Ha! Sorry to laugh, but all I can picture is you with oven mitts on while trying to type away at the computer keyboard. Silly, I know..but that is what my crazy mind has conjured in response to your post.

    I sure hope NaNo is creative and fun...and kicks me into high gear! I'm excited, and it looks more and more like I'll get my pre-NaNo goals accomplished in time to join in.

    I sure hope the link boosts interest and sales in your book. I downloaded it to my kindle....when I get a free slot, I'll read it. I'm still trying to read Claudia Lefeve's 'Parallel'...have been now for about three weeks. Sigh. With NaNo, I'll probably have to delay it further.

  4. Don't sweat about word count when you should take care of yourself.
    I love pen and paper but can't imagine writing a long novel like that ... ugh, and the whole typing it into the computer later thing ...
    Well, take it easy.
    Have a nice rest of week ;)

  5. Give writing by hand a try! I actually prefer writing my first drafts that way (or at least large pieces of it - and then typing it up bit by bit). Something about writing my hand helps me shut up my inner editor, which I don't want when first drafting. I hope your wrist feels better soon.