Wednesday, October 26, 2011

#Row80 Check-In 10/26

Hey, it's Wednesday.  Didn't see that one coming.  It has been another so-so week.  I meant to get some outlining done these past couple nights and even set some time aside this morning for it.  Of course, it didn't happen.  I think I need to throw out all my clocks.  They lie to me.

Quisling received most of my attention this time around.

I think I'm going to focus on my daily story today.  Nothing against my other WIPs,  but it has been neglected and I really want to post a few more times before NaNo finishes me off.  Yes, I still plan on signing up.  Wait, I've already signed up.  But if next month is anything like this past month, I will not reach the 50k in time.  I will try.  I want to try.

The big "no fair" is three books will be coming out this week and next that I really, really want to read.  They are all finales to series I've enjoyed.  But I am limiting myself to only one until the completion of NaNo.  I read her other books in less than two days, so I don't see the harm in sneaking in some reading time.  Everyone needs a break sometime.  She is taking part in NaNo, so I'll have to let her know how far behind I get from getting sucked into her wonderful work.  Looking forward to it!


  1. Let the 3 books be your reward for FINISHING Nano ;) Good luck!

  2. I have those same bad clocks...must be a conspiracy afoot...hhhmmm. That's what I'm going to say, anyway. lol.

    Hope the rest of the week is uber-productive! I guess it had better be...NaNo starts in 5 days! I'm on my last character profile now. Then I have to come up with a title, a blurb, and upload my novel to NaNo. (I'm not sure what I'm doing with this. I'm praying for 'user-friendliness'

  3. I'm sure clocks slow down when they need to speed up and speed up when they should slow down. Nice progress and just use those books as rewards when you get through nano. Best of luck.

  4. I feel guilty too - got so many books to read, but I've to my own story to tell...