Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Where to Belong Soundtrack

I've been threatening for some time now to fill you in on the music that goes with Where to Belong.  The list is a bit lengthy, maybe thirty plus songs on it, so I've slimmed it down a bit to the ones that were on repeat for much of the time I was working on the story.  The real list is broken down by chapters, even scenes.  This is more of the mood of Where to Belong.  Most of it I picked up from Pandora Radio.  Others have been in my music collection since I could afford to buy my own CDs.  To be honest, a few where even from the cassette days.  But those stayed on the long list.  Anywho, the soundtrack to Where to Belong:

Hey Lady - Thriving Ivory
Drops of Jupiter - Train
Lost - Michael Buble
Near to You - a Fine Frenzy
Flowers for a Ghost - Thriving Ivory
Breathe - Ryan Star
Gravity - Sara Bareilles
Almost Lover - A Fine Frenzy
Breath - Breaking Benjamin
Savior - Rise Against
Whipping Boy - Train
Every Breath - Boyce Avenue
Where We Belong - Thriving Ivory

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