Sunday, November 6, 2011

#Row80 11/6, NaNo, & Update

And it's Sunday.  I'll get right to the check-in.

11/2 - 1103
11/3 - 2116
11/4 - 2151 (between two WIPs)
11/5 - 301

I'm working on the sequel to Where to Belong for NaNoWriMo.  It's weird to get back in Madison's head.  With working on Shattered Remnants lately, which is told from Dea's POV, I think I fried my brain.  Madison is a trusting person who is very quick to forgive.  One review (made me sad) tagged her as gullible.  Yes, she starts out gullible-ish, but grows a backbone.  Now, Dea is completely different.  She is very slow to trust anyone.  Even those she calls her friends, she keeps at arm's length.  There is only one person she really relates to, and he is just as gun-shy as she is.  So hopping back and forth between Always and Forever & Shattered Remnants has be quite the experience.  A&F is taking precedence.  I only pick up SR when I've hit the WC goal for A&F.  I know I mentioned before that I like to juggle two WIPs at a time, but these two are not getting along very well.  It takes a bit for me to change gears.

But the biggest hold up came yesterday.  Gram lost her battle with cancer at 8AM Saturday morning.  While it is a relief that she is no longer suffering, it is very heartbreaking.  I had a small list given to me of friends and family to call.  Even still, I managed to spend much of yesterday on the phone.  It didn't really kick in until late last night.  So today has seen a super slow start.  I was up early this morning to piece my house back together (still managed to house some friends), take a shower, then went back to bed.  Crazy Diesel (the kitten) went psycho on me and skewered my pinky toe.  I don't know what I did to him, but that was less than pleasant.  Lots of soap, peroxide, and two band-aids later, I get to clean the mess off my white bedding.  Boo on him.  Then he cuddled the rest of the morning to make up for it.  He's still a punk.  Anyway, so I will be getting Dottie (the Pomeranian) sometime this week and keep her until Dad gets back from picking Mom up in Florida.  He is planning to head out Monday or Tuesday.  Yep, driving.  That means we are not having to ship the lizard.  Dad said he would pack her into the Mini Cooper and bring her back for me.  And by the by, this dragon is fat.  I've never seen a bearded dragon this plump.  Mom said she is fat and happy.  I hope to keep her that way.  So we still have another long week or two ahead of us, but the worry is over.  Now it's just a great big loss.

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  1. Aww. I'm sorry about your Gram. Good job on getting the word count in. Hope your week gets better.