Thursday, December 22, 2011

Final Check-In for #Row80 2011 & Cars

Let's just say my "time off" came early.  This week was a mess from the very beginning.  It seemed that every time I sat down to write, something would come up.  There was a day in which I only reached five words.  Five!  That's pathetic!  Last night was the most productive.  I didn't get the word count, but it was in A&F.  It was a good scene to close with.  Now all I need to do is patch up two holes in the plot and I can say I'm finished with the first draft.  That's nice to look forward to.  I think I concentrate better once I pick it apart and begin to piece it back together for the second draft.

Monday was non-stop.  It started early.  My sister had an accident on her way to work before 6am.  She's good.  Thank goodness.  A semi forced her against a concrete retaining wall.  I'd take the wall over a semi any day.  The big truck never stopped.  So my sister limped her poor little mail-route ready, right hand side drive, Saturn wagon to the closest exit.  My dad met up with her a few hours later and drove her through her mail route.  I spent the day securing a car-hauler to make sure we had the car picked up before the gas station she parked it at could have it towed.  Two shredded tires.  Double bent rims.  Body damage.  Yet to hear about the suspension damage.  And it rained all day.  Yes, we need rain, but it isn't fun to deal with a battered Saturn during a thunderstorm.  It was a long ride home.  We still managed to have fun, but you could tell everyone was ready to call it a day.

In between phone calls, I was at the local car lot.  We decided to sell my Wrangler and get something used with a dinky payment.  I found a Subaru, but they sold it before I got there.  Our salesman (whom we've used many times before) gave me a list of all the used vehicles at all of their lots.  A two door Honda (I think Accord), a Corolla (which I loved), a VW Passat that looked really sharp, and I found a Mustang from another lot.  I only drove the Mustang.  Colt hated it.  He said he wouldn't stop me from getting it, but that he wanted me to keep looking.  The Honda just wasn't for me.  The Corolla had a few options I really hoped to avoid.  The Passat seemed to be a ticking time bomb for electrical issues.  Then, much to everyone's surprise, I spotted a BMW within our price range from the lot across town.  Our guy had it brought in and Colt took it for a spin (I was on the phone again).

It had some problems.  The dealership was equipped to fix it, but they didn't really bother.  Something was out with the AC system (FSU) and the driver seat motor has something goofy going on.  To be honest, I felt sorry for it.  It was surrounded by all these glowing, radiant, and expensive BMWs.  It had the same curb appeal, but was frowned on by all the other car shoppers because of its problems.  I couldn't blame them.  Who wants to buy that kind of car just to turn around and have to work on it?

Well, I guess we do.  Our sales guy dropped the price enough that we couldn't reasonably say no.  I was scared to death driving it off the lot.  We just bought a broken car.  A broken BMW.  And I don't have job.  We don't have loose change around the house that could repair a BMW.  Buyer's remorse within the first five minutes.

But we got it home and tinkered with it a bit.  It has more gadgets than I will ever use.  It's pretty clean inside and out.  Not a bad looking car at all.  Oh, and heated seats.  That's more than awesome.

Anywho, Colt looked around and found out what was wrong with the AC system.  He picked up a new FSU this morning.  We're hoping to put that in tonight.

So, yes, I bought a broken BMW.  I probably should have my head checked.  But the little cutie is less than what gas was costing me in the Wrangler.  That's saying something.  Colt has nearly memorized the repair manual.  He's like that.  He's taken apart and reassembled (properly) several of cars that had worse problems than this one.  One Porsche (yeah, that was an experience) and two Audi A4s.  I had a Jetta for a while, and he saved me from the VW garage many, many times.  Not to mention however many Jeeps he's had in the past.  I trust him with the car.  He seems to be having fun fixing it.  Ugh, and I can't imagine what the dealership would be charging us for all the stuff he's already done on it.  The parts aren't bad.  It's the labor.  Good thing I'm married to the guy.  He gets a big dinner tonight for getting so far with the AC.

And Dillon is coming home Sunday!  We are all very excited about that.  Lots and lots of dinners going on for the next week.  And he has already claimed a run in the Bimmer.  It doesn't handle exactly like his Mini, but I'm sure he'll still have fun with it.  I know he's been missing the Mini, so maybe this will get him back in the adorable little car.

But now I have to get back to the real world.  I've been putting off raking the yard for too long.  It's hard to distinguish where the yard meets the drive.  That means I have plenty of work to do.  I also need to relocate our firewood.  We have a hefty stack of it, so it might take me awhile.  Thus, writing will yet again be put off.  Still lots happening around here with working on the car and getting ready for Dillon's visit.  There's a big grocery run in there somewhere.  So, here's hoping to me getting all of this squared away before much longer so I can dive in at the start of the next round.

Have a great break!  Looking forward to the next round!

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