Sunday, December 25, 2011

Fly By

It feels later than it actually is.  The past few days have been long, but not necessarily in a bad way.  I can't believe tomorrow is Sunday.  Yes, I've been texting Dillon throughout the day asking if he is packed to come to Texas.  He, of course, answers that he is not.  Knowing him, he won't pack until he gets up in the morning to catch his flight.  I'll never understand how guys can do that and get away with it.

Colt fixed the issues the BMW was having.  It's still weird to step out front and see the little car instead of my Jeep.  And it seems that every time I take it out, I see a swarm of Wranglers.  They're out to get me.  To add to it, it looks as if the dealer is still driving the Wrangler around.  I'm glad they're liking it.  I'll always miss it.

We had some company drop by today.  Colt's cousin from Dallas is in town.  She came with her husband and two adorable kids.  They're such a fun family.  There were a few awkward moments when I realized how un-child-safe my house is.  Even still, I managed to hold the six-month-old for the majority of their visit and survived.  She was starting to fall asleep when they had to leave in time to make their planned dinner with an uncle and his family.

I've spent the a good portion of today and yesterday reading.  Yes, I started the yard work, but it's less than fun to rake leaves in the rain, so I stopped.  We at least have a pathway for visitors.  I did manage to relocate most of the firewood before it rained.  That was good.  It's actually getting cold.  The fireplace is wonderful to sit beside and read a book.  I finished The Brave.  I loved it.  There were parts I didn't really care for, but the story as a whole was charming.  I'd say the moral was that secrets that are left untold and lies that are allowed to continue eventually lead to the corrosion of relationships.  I'd recommend it, but would have to mention a warning about the language and sex in several scenes.  But I can tell Evans included it to build a certain character.

So this evening has consisted of spartan loads of laundry and me kicking around my query letter.  I still hate it.  I think the feeling is mutual.  A work in progress.  But, there is one more publishing house I'd like to try for.  They cover contemporary fiction AND fantasy, so if they take me on, I wouldn't have to fish around for Shattered Remnants (hopefully).

Yes, I'm still in chicken mode.

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