Sunday, December 11, 2011

#Row80 12/11 Check-In

This check-in will be boring.  You have been forewarned.  I'm back to beating my head against the keyboard.  A&F hates me.  I'm in the middle of one of the final scenes and I can't stand looking at it.  It has shriveled back into the dashboard and stares at me.  That's okay.  I expected that.  When you spend too much time with someone, they will eventually get on your nerves.  It will sit there awhile.  If I keep tinkering with it, I will drag it into the trash instead of dropbox.  I've been asked twice this weekend about its progress.  Both questioners were given the same answer.  Stagnant, but still existent.  I received grumbles of disappointment from both.  One was a little more colorful about it than the other.  So I won't abandon it.  Just need to take a break.  Where to Belong was the same way.  It's a bittersweet journey.

Shattered Remnants has stepped up.  The problem is that I am thinking on Book Two, yet writing Book One.  Yep, I'm trying to make it difficult.  I've been reading the draft from early last year.  I have to say it has done us both some good to take that much time apart.  I found some of the writing surprising.  Did I write that?  Hmm.  Other parts I've laughed out loud at my awkward attempts to reach for a certain emotion.  I'm still in love with the story.  I just have to figure out a better way to let it unravel.  The portions that have been posted on the blog are still in rough draft form.  I know that is frowned upon, but it's where I am at the moment.  It will be polished several times over before I send it out for its grand finale.

12/7 - 371
12/8 - 0 (boo)
12/9 - 653
12/10 - 1061 (finally gave into SR after staring at the screen for two hours)


  1. You are so good at persisting! You never run and hide in bed (like I do!), you keep staring at the screen and you always get somewhere!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. I'm glad you're pushing through and progressing ;)
    And it happened a lot with me, start writing book one and already having ideas for book 2 and 3 ... which is good actually so you know where to stir book 1.
    Have a nice week!

  3. Way to stay with it, Wendy. Sometimes its a good idea to give it a rest for a bit and do something else. Just a day. I find that when I'm frustrated just doing something unrelated to the frustration is generally enough to spawn a solution.

    Have a great week :)

  4. I have the next book in my head all the time I write one - with the series it helps to know what willl happen next - the trick is not to let it interfere!!!!!!

    You're doing good - a break is a great way to recharge

    all the best for this week