Wednesday, January 11, 2012

#Row80 1/11 Check-In

I'm not far into my morning, but the one big thing I had scheduled for today has now been rescheduled to next Wednesday.  Yep, one of those 'Yes, I confirmed multiple times, but stuff happens.'  One good plus to this, it's supposed to be a gorgeous day outside.  I might head out there and work in the yard a bit.  Winter is expected to return tomorrow and stick around a little longer.  I think I'd better take advantage of the warm and sunny day while it's here.

In the writing department, I don't think I've progressed in word count.  I have a WIP open, but I've been checking different points in the plot line more than anything.  I did make a few notes in the notepad one of these past late night/early morning 'oh oh' moments.  I couldn't sleep, so I did a little reading.  One word caught my attention, which led to another, and so on.  I might have pieced together a title.  Maybe.  It's still in the notepad.

As for now, I'm gonna sneak some writing in my suddenly freed morning, then see what I can find to do outside.  I know I need to clean the fireplace as well.  I should probably get to that soon.  The cat has this odd fascination with the fireplace.  That is even less fun to pick up after.  It's best to clean up the soot and ashes while they are in one general location.


  1. Good luck with getting some real writing in today!

    Sometimes you need to just go and do those read throughs. You feel like you're spinning your wheels, but it can get you to a different mindset for better writing.

    BTW, I have an orange cat who as a young adolescent, was fascinated with the fireplace. He'd come out with black patches all over his orange fur. I used to say he was experimenting with gender identity (as calicos tend to be female).

  2. Good luck I hope you get some writting done today!

  3. Any words are good even if they are still residing on your notepad! Hope you were able to use some of your unexpected free time for writing :)

  4. You're still working on it, even if you're not driving up the word count. That counts.

  5. Every once in awhile I have to do those read throughs too, just to remember what I had going on. Hope you enjoyed your nicer weather.