Sunday, January 22, 2012

#Row80 1/22 Check-In

I think the WIPs have grown since last check-in.  Shattered Remnants has seen the most progress.  I missed the word count tracker thingy again, so I don't know the exact number.  It has to be around 5k.  I'm still working on the board (mirror) with Always & Forever.  Then two other shelved WIPs came to mind.  I haven't opened them in Scrivener.  Not quite to that point.  The 2am muse party has gone ignored.  I've been staying up too late to even pretend to get up when the ideas start coming.

That's how things have been running since last check-in.  As near to non-stop as humanly possible.  I still don't understand how my head doesn't just explode with all the crazy thoughts and ideas going on.  Even Where to Belong saw a little action this past week.  It wasn't much, and I don't think I'll follow through, but it's been kind of fun to go back and tinker with it.

So now I'm catching up on everything else.  The pile of laundry is a bit on the scary side.  The poor kitchen is in need of some serious attention.  Most every room in the house needs help.  Colt and I took off yesterday and did our best to get lost.  It was fun.  I was lost from the very beginning, but I think he had the whole thing planned.  We even goofed around in a spring.  It was a very refreshing day trip. And the evening before, we went over to our friend's house (who had surgery) and spent some time with a group of friends.  We played Clue (I've never played it before, and the only instructions we had were in Spanish), had lots of dinner, and watched How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days.  We've all seen the movie before, so it was kind of like our own version of Mystery Science Theater through the whole thing.

There's a few more things I need to do today, then I'm hoping to get back to SR.  I am way behind on visiting every one's blogs.  I've only gotten around to a few, but I don't think I left any comments.

So, there it is.  I've managed to stay busier than usual.  At least it's been a good busy.  But now I have lots of catching up to do with life.


  1. Sometimes it can be hard to find that sweet balance between writing and life outside writing. From time to time we have to put aside the pen and tend to the hearth. I hope you find that balance this week. Good luck!

  2. Busy and productive are good things. Don't you wish they made a robot to handle the laundry and dishes, although I have to admit that both of those tasks are good for my creative process. Easy to think plot while folding towels.

    Have a great week, Wendy :)

  3. Enjoy the crazy ideas. I wish I had more of them, though I wouldn't be able to take action for the time being. I admire people who are bursting with book ideas. That's magic. :-)

  4. Busy is right! It sounds as if the muse has a "little" crush on you. Being able to tell her no once in a while is perfectly acceptable. Life comes first. But busy is good ;)

  5. Sounds busy - but also productive! Congrats :) And thanks for the visit to my blog :)

  6. Wow, an impressive update. So glad the writing was front and center, and hope you have enough clothes/underwear to make it through the muse's visit. ;-)