Wednesday, January 25, 2012

#Row80 1/25 Check-In

I missed the word sprint today.  I was not entirely ready for it, but it's still nice to hammer away at a WIP during the sprint and see what happens.  I don't always keep what I end up writing.  Even still, it's a good stretch before delving into a project.  I think of it a daily dose of NaNoWriMo inspiration.  While NaNo is good to get an idea flowing, I tend to need to slow down and concentrate more on the bigger details.

I've finished an extremely rough first draft of the idea I started working on earlier this month.  I might try to make it into a novella.  It's more of a sci-fi, and I don't think I'm the best person to make much out of it.  I'll just set it aside for awhile and see what happens.

A&F is getting obnoxious.  I have got to glue myself in place and get with the program.  I know what I'm wanting to do with it.  I just can't seem to concentrate enough to make any progress in the word count department.  I'm about to do a pretend NaNo and just spit it out.  I can always come back and polish the mess out of it.  Only, it would need lots and lots of polishing.  A friend volunteered to look over what I have so far.  He's asked about it quite a bit lately.  I told him there are still several major plot bunnies in it, and that I've skipped around some in the story line.  He still wants to give it a read.  I might throw together the alternate beginning I've been playing with and see which he thinks is the better way to go.  That would have some say in how I fix one of the plot bunnies.

As for SR, it's been a trip.  Like I said before, I've started over completely.  No, I don't know how many rewrites that makes.  But I really think it's getting better with each start-over.  It is now in the first person POV.  I'm liking the feel of it.  And for whatever reason, I'm kind of wanting to change the trilogy idea.  Would a series of novellas be any better or worse than three big novels?  I have a feeling this one is going to be my baby for a long, long time.

I read Mirielle Chester's Chael's Luck this week.  I loved it.  I'm tempted to go back a read it again.  It kept me up until 2:30 in the morning when I first started it.  So I finished it in two days.  I should have savored it longer.  It's a very interesting story and I do believe Chael is one of my favorites of Mirielle's characters.

Oh, word counts.  I've majorly goofed my word count tracker thingy.  I'm jumping between these three stories and the word count gets a little wonky when I'm hopping around like that.  The newest story, which I've dubbed Project Marshal until I can think up a real title, has seen the most progress.  Shattered Remnants follows closely behind.  Always & Forever has been sort of busy, but it's more of redoing sections than adding to the word count.


  1. A lot of pans in the fire, but you seem to be crating quite the gourmet dish. Will be checking back to enjoy the feast (and the kitty scritches).

    Plot bunnies... They do tend to breed, don't they. Best wishes in getting them back in their hutches.

  2. I wish I could pretend it was NaNo every month!
    I also wish I could join you guys during sprints ...
    How do you manage 3 stories at the same time? I tried and it didn't work so well. Share your secrets! lol
    Overall, it seems you're doing a good job!

  3. Sounds like you have a ton going on! I'm shameless about showing REALLY rough drafts to my crit partners--just to see if things float. :)

    Good luck hitting those goals!

  4. The NaNo mentality is good for putting up numbers. Getting it written is better than trying to make it perfect and accomplishing next to nothing. I hope it helps you. Good luck with it all.

  5. I'm liking the idea of a pretend NaNo to get some word count going. I may have to copycat you on that. :)

    I think having your friend read your rough draft can really be helpful. I used to belong to a writing group where we met twice a month and read what we'd written over the past two weeks. It was all rough work, and it was so useful to read it out loud and get that feedback. I hope having your friend read your story works just as well for you! Good luck!

  6. I'd say the fact that you lost count because you were jumping around three stories says A LOT! Sometimes I think I need more of that and less worrying about how many words I've written. Hmmmm.

    Hope the rest of your week is as productive!

  7. I wonder if I could work on that many projects at once? That's great that you can do it!
    Love the idea of describing a wip as obnoxious :-)