Sunday, January 29, 2012

#Row80 1/29 Check-In

Boring post today.  I didn't get to do any writing yesterday or today.  I'd love to squeeze a little in this evening.  The past few days have been busy.  SR progressed the most since last check-in.  I wipe out a chapter and started over.  So the word count isn't hot, but I think I've finally straightened out the scene.

Most of my time has gone to everything else.  My phone bricked Friday.  I ended up taking it to Killeen to get it fixed.  Something about the update that it just received.  So the phone had to be reset.  I'm glad I saved what I did to the SD card.  Now I need to figure out what programs I had and where.

The rearranging bug bit again.  We moved everything around in the dining room and living room last night.  Our house has one of those awkward layouts that makes it feel like one big room.  It's lousy for changing up the furniture.  One wall is mainly widows.  Another joins the kitchen.  The only solid wall is the one with the front door.  Then there is the staircase wall.  We're looking to replace our dining set, so we tried moving things around in there.  Something like a cafe feel is what we're going for.  The bistro set that's in there is less than convenient when there are more than two people trying to eat.  We ended up pushing it closer to the window wall and adjusting the overhead light.  Then Colt hung a light in the kitchen.  It's different.  Two cables run parallel across the ceiling with five lights suspended from them.  I'm just happy to have a light back in the kitchen.  That meant I had to clean everything again.  That ran into this morning.  And afternoon.  I have problems.

Another reason we tried to rearrange things is because we're working to set up a new fish tank.  I'm not a fish tank fan.  I think they smell and are not worth the mess they can be.  I don't mind watching the fish swim around, but I gag at the sight of a dead fish.  So they have to be super healthy all the time.  Colt has had a tank for some time now, but a friend of his gave him another one.  This one is huge.  And dirty.  I was just fine with it taking up space in the garage.  Then Colt took me out and showed me some awesome saltwater setups.  And now I'm trying to do research on care and maintenance about this kind of hobby.  I think it's a bit of an investment.  We're still tossing it around.  We've also yet to clean out the tank.  Until then, there is a massive cabinet taking up one of our few walls just in case I get the urge to clean out the tank and bring it in.

So am I a writer or a fisher?


  1. A writer with a LOT of fish, maybe....?

    Those setups ARE lovely, but I had trouble enough keeping up with the small ones. If you go for it, I wish you much joy and success in it.....

    I imagine that watching them would really lull me into a writing space....

    May you find more writing moments in the coming days!

  2. Pretty sure I get the painting bug like you get the rearranging bug.

    (Oh, and I don't have any musical talent whatsoever. Re your personal description.)
    ~ Wendy

  3. Perhaps write a short about a boy with a fish tank instead. Much easier to clean, you can even have it laminated!

  4. Maybe you can incorporate your fish tank research into a story or book someday. A character with a hankering for fish perhaps?

    It always feels good to get a scene worked out! Good for you. Here's to a great ROW80 week! Happy writing.

  5. Sounds to me like you're on the edge of one of those life changing compromises. I wish you joy of whatever you decide to do.

  6. I rearranged last week. It took an entire evening. I made myself pay for it by staying up late to catch up on other things. :|

    Perhaps once the fish tank is set up, it can be an inspiration for writing. I myself find gazing into tanks relaxing.