Wednesday, January 4, 2012

#Row80 Check-In 1/4

I'm starting off a little weird.  Well, more weird than usual.  I was late to declare my intentions to join this round.  I won't revisit that.  Anywho, so we started Monday.  Monday wasn't too great.  The day itself was fine.  My head was in a fog.  I tinkered with SR and added a few hundred words.  Not much at all.  But I got it past the point that I kept getting hung up on.

Yesterday was much better.  Remember that idea that's been bouncing around in my head?  Well, I skipped the notebook and opened a new Scrivener project file for it.  2,543 words later, I'm a little more than half way through plotting the story.  The notes are very, very rough.  I don't know if I'll understand them later, but it felt good to finally sit down and let the story come on its own.  I almost took the laptop to bed with me to keep writing.  I'm glad I didn't.  I fell asleep before I turned off the lights.  I guess I was tired.

I'll see what happens today.  I'm trying not to sit and stare at the screen for long.  That never helps.  I slacked miserably on the housekeeping yesterday.  It took me all day to do one load of laundry.  Then I forgot it in the dryer twice and nearly cooked it.  Spaghetti-Os for dinner.  A late dinner.  Even the tort and the dragon were fed later than usual.  I'm wondering if I need to set a timer so I don't goof up like that two days in a row.  Hubby didn't seem to mind, but I don't want to make it part of my routine.  We're still waiting for an update about our friend.  I'm not the best at passing time while waiting by the phone.  I think he's caught on to that.  Even still, dinner isn't asking too much.

It's good to see everyone again.  I'm glad I signed on for this round.  I think it has already helped.


  1. I love the process of figuring out a story! Good luck with you new idea and congrats on getting past the tricky section in your WIP.

  2. Getting that laundry all the way through both machines takes strength and dedication that some days I just can't manage. I really hate when I leave a load a little too long in the washer.... ew!

    This is my first row80 and I'm impressed with all you were able to accomplish in just a couple of days! Wow!

  3. Sure, I read this after I just sent you my latest short story. Be there for your friend, my writing will wait.

  4. I use a timer much of the time to keep myself on track. I think it is a great idea... and I hear you on sometimes having to find the motivation SOMEWHERE SOMEHOW to keep moving along. I am glad you are a part of ROW80 this round. I know how much it has helped me!

    I look forward to reading your ROW80 updates in the future!

  5. You have a dragon? Congrats on getting the plotting done! Hope the rest of the week has gone well :)