Sunday, January 8, 2012

#Row80 Check-In 1/8

I managed to goof up my word count thingy each day this week.  I'm getting good at that.  But I did open one WIP each day and made progress in either plotting or actual writing.  Still more so in the plotting department.  I'm wanting to finish up the plot line for the newest WIP and get back to A&F.  I think it's time.  I'm mulling over the idea of releasing it only in e-format when it's finally done.  I'm trying to get a few new betas in line and another editor to look it over before I send it out into the world.  I can't say exactly why I'm shying away from the print option.  I think I'm just ready to move on to the next story.

Anywho, the writing.  3678 words since the last check-in.  Most of it is done late at night when I should be in bed.  I need to get some sort of schedule figured out so I can use my time more wisely.  My friend's surgery is another week away, which makes me hope it isn't as urgent as originally believed.  I've taken on a few other projects related to the writing department.  It's been nice to get away from my own work and concentrate on others.

Queries to agents and publishers have been set aside.  I'm second guessing too much to go ahead with it.  I'd like to think I'd eventually feel more confident and know when the time is just right.

It's great to see so many taking part this round.  I'm loving all the posts from fellow ROWers.  It is very refreshing.


  1. Heya Wendy,

    I hear you about scheduling your time in order to work more effectively, it's a tough discipline to get into; but once you cracked it you'll be swimming along carefree. :)

    Regardless, your progress is sound and I wish all the best in reaching your goals.

  2. Great wordcount and I hope you manage to find some kind of schedule that works for you.

    Have a great week :)

  3. As writers, we must "go with our gut." All the best as you complete your WIP and send it out into the world - in whatever format.

    All the best, too, for your friend. I hope the surgery goes well.

    Hope you have a great year.