Monday, January 2, 2012

Still Here for #Row80

Lots has happened over the past week.  Very little happened in the WIPs.  But, I did manage to clean up a new idea.  I now have more than I care to admit to.  Too many for the time being.  I'm currently working on SR and hope to have something posted before much longer.

I planned to join Row80 for this round when we left for break last month.  I still want to hop aboard.  That's the nice thing about Row80.  You make your own rules and set your own goals.  Seeing that I'm now considered a Stay-At-Home-Writer, I really expected to be doing more writing at this point.  But I've fumbled a bit, then a friend received some scary news, and now writing has been set aside for a little while.  The only good thing about that is that it is once again my escape.  But, for now, I'm going to have tiny writing goals.  I'm hoping to be able to pick up a bit more before too long.  We'll see.  I just think I need to concentrate on helping my friend where I can.  Yes, I'm pretty much useless at this point, but I want to be there for her.  She has always been an amazing help to me.  I only hope I can do the same for her.

Thus, my goals for Round 1 of 2012 are rather simple.  In the writing world, I would like to progress at least 200 words per day in any of the WIPs.  I think I want to scribble more in the notepad with the newest idea.  Walking would be a nice way to clear my head each day.  I don't even know where to start with that goal besides getting out the front door.  And I want to be more supportive of my fellow Rowers.  I didn't get around to as many posts last time as I should have.  I see there are plenty of new members for this round.  Let's see if I can't drop by everyone's blog at least once a week.

Flimsy start, but it's a start.


  1. I know a lot happened last round in your life, so don't feel bad if you weren't as supportive as you wanted to. You had a lot going on and had to focus on your family.
    Hopefully, things will be better this round and you'll be able to write more ;)
    Good luck!

  2. I hope your friend is going to be ok! Good luck with your writing goals - they sound like very reasonable ones for a buys life.

  3. The most important is to just get into a writing routine. Even if it's just 100 words a day.

    The time is going to pass regardless. And writing can be therapeutic - it's why I keep at it.

  4. I think going with the flow is necessary in this writing game. My test mile is not wildly different to yours and I think it will make a difference to write something everyday even if I only manage 250 words.

    Have a great week and I look forward to seeing how you get on!