Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2/8 #Row80 Check-In & Auntie Duty

Not a lot of progress since Sunday's check-in.  Monday saw scarce activity in the writing department.  Sunday night was rough.  My niece stayed the night again since her parents were still away for their anniversary.  She was good, but she got homesick.  Understandable.  That happens to me easily.  Anyway, so she had trouble sleeping.  There was some crying.  I ended up sitting with her and watching A Bug's Life until she fell asleep.  Then I couldn't sleep.  I was afraid she'd wake up or not sleep well.

Monday started early.  I got my niece up and going with plenty of time to spare to get her to school.  She was all ready and eating breakfast when everything turned south once again.  I think her nervous stomach got the best of her.  So she stayed home with me.  Then I got a call before lunch that her brother was sick in the nurse's office and needed to be picked up.  So I got my niece up and going once again and we picked up her brother.  I needed a co-pilot since I didn't know which of the many elementary schools he went to.

I brought everyone back to my house.  There was a very light lunch.  My niece went back to our guest room and snuggled up on the futon.  My nephew was a little more difficult to get to take a nap.  We went over his homework.  Then read a short book.  We even got a fire going in the fireplace so he could camp out in the living room to nap.  It took awhile.  It seemed that every time I turned around, he was either playing with the cats or following me.  We ended up setting up a camping cot with a bunch of pillows and blankets, closing all the blinds, and watched the fire until he went a to sleep.  I brought my laptop down and started in on the writing, then promptly fell asleep.

The poor little guy woke me up later asking for soup.  Embarrassed to have slept so well, I jumped up and put some soup on the stove and opened all the blinds.  Both kids were miraculously better.  I think I got played.

So yesterday was the first since Friday to actually sit down without distractions and write.  That would have been fine if I could decide which WIP to work on.  Two are fighting for attention while a third is starting to speak up.


  1. It's tough to work with kids in the house, believe me. With three boys, I'm constantly being bombarded with 'Ma-oo-mmm....' The wants/needs range from the super-popular, 'I'm hungry', to the infamous, 'Can you give me/him/them/us a ride to _____?' Ha! Sometimes it's even better, with phrases raising my hackles like ...'Where are my wrestling shoes/headgear/warm-ups/ipod/headphones/gym-bag?' to which I promptly reply, 'Sorry, I wasn't wearing/using it/them. Find it yourself.' This often induces wailing and gnashing of teeth and astonished 'fotch-faces', but I'm not moved so easily...hah.

    Hope you laughed a bit...and have a better work-week :)

  2. I commiserate with both of you. My kids are a distraction, but I usually get to writing after they are in bed. Then it's internet distractions, usually.
    I hope your writing week goes better!

  3. I have no idea how people manage to write with children around! So nice you got spend time with your neice and nephew and has been great to see you sprinting this week! Hope to see you at the sprint tomorrow :)

  4. Napping by a real fire with cats and books? That sounds like the loveliest kind of dream.

  5. I don't think you got "played" per se, but kids often don't act sick once the worse of the ickies fade away. They could be running a high fever and sick enough to infect all of San Francisco with typhoid or something... But as soon as they feel slightly better, they want to play, have fun and "do stuff". My son is the same way, and getting him to settle is hard sometimes. But it's nice to know he's happy and wants to enjoy his world too.