Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Check-In for #Row80 (2/19)

Feel free to skip over this check-in.  It's very, very poor.  There has been absolutely no writing these past few days.  Earlier in the week, I'd sit down and be able to type from sunrise to sunset, and then some.  This second half of the week has been frustrating.  Yes, I've limited myself to two WIPs.  That has helped.  But the big hang up is my blame inner editor.  She needs to take a hike.  Give it a rest.  I know the first draft is going to be rough.  Heck, I refer to the first few drafts as rough drafts.  There will be run on sentences, abused commas, sentence fragments, and far too many adverbs.  That's why a WIP is majorly altered after a round of edits.  But, no!  I have to make this first one perfect.  I can't seem to shut up the inner editor.

Thus, I've been doing everything not writing related.  Well, except I finally got to the book store.  I had to go see everyone's babies on the shelves.  I even pulled a few from secluded shelves and left them out on reading tables.  I know they're great books.  They just either have a small publisher or they are set aside for being a new name in the world of writing.

Anyway, no writing.  I think I'm going to park myself in front of the computer tomorrow, unplug from the internet, and tell myself to either finish Always & Forever or get through another chapter of Shattered Remnants.  This is getting ridiculous. 


  1. Ah, Wendy, I feel for you! *hug* I have one of those dadblamed inner critics, too. It sounds silly, but I visualize locking mine in the closet--I mean, I walk to the closet, throw her in, and close the door. She quits screaming after a while, lol!

    Do know that you are not alone--I bet there are a dozen ROWers who have had the same kind of week recently.

    How wonderful of you that you put some books out on reading tables. I know that has garnered you some excellent karma.

  2. What works pretty well for me is just to give her center stage; I tell her to jump up and down, say all she has to say as I'm all hers. Putting her center stage takes away a lot of her power. We each find what works for us, I know, but what I have come to believe is that the only we find it is "bringing it on." Sending you energy for your highest good.

  3. My inner editor is very vocal, too. I rewrote the same 300 words over and over in the last two days. I couldn't move on, because it was important and not singing. I want to be that writer, yet I need to learn to push past it and revisit.

    Hope your inner editor is taking a nap the next time you write. ;-)

  4. It's so difficult to kick your internal editor into touch...

    I think worrying about that, and not doing any writing is causing you stress, and then you feel you can't write! Its a vicious circle, and maybe you just need to take a few days to yourself to rest and recover?

    I hope it comes together for you soon.