Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday's #Row80 Check-In (2/15)

Progress has been about the same since last check-in.  Nothing new or groundbreaking to report.  While the writing has happened, I've been less than inspired so far this week.  I know I need to concentrate on A&F.  I think I'm dragging it out.  That never turns out well.  So I've cleared away the other WIPs into a project box until I'm finished with A&F.  SR has been left out on the desktop.  That one is my fall back.  We'll see if I can keep myself grounded.  I'd really, really like to have A&F out to Betas by the end of the month.

What are your tricks for keeping focused on a WIP?  Are self-set deadlines any good?


  1. Wendy, darling :D You've already made half the progress by deciding to focus. I think keeping SR on your desktop is a great idea as well. It really helps me to have a place to go if my brain is just insisting on working on something else. (Mine is called Dream File lol, a huge brainstorming document.) Once I get it out, I can completely focus on the project I wanted to work on in the first place. Good luck for the rest of this week!!

  2. No magic tips I can think of, I just keep plodding onwards!

    Progress is progress however big or small but maybe if you want to get it finished asap you need to set a time or word limit each day and have a mini treat for reaching it? Even if it is an episode of your favourite show or listening to some music. Reading is becoming my treat, I write before I am allowed to read!

    Good luck with the rest of this week!

  3. I would keep in mind the idea of a test mile (or as Julia Cameron called them "morning pages"). Sometimes your head gets so cluttered with stuff that you just can't focus. So you need to just write it out, get it all out of your head and onto the paper/screen, even if you throw it all away later. But doing this allows your head to relax and deal with what matters to it/you.

    Keep doing the word sprints.... Maybe even start a few minutes ahead of time just typing out a list of all the stuff you "need to do" or want to do. Set it aside when it's sprinting time, but have it around to help you focus.

    Good luck to you, Wendy!

  4. I have to put away all the writing candy and focus. I will set goals written in a calendar--editing so many pages, formatting, however I need to break it down.

    Good luck!