Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3/14 Check-In for #Row80

I was tempted again to skip another check-in.  SR has seen lots of improvement in the word count department and the story is moving along at a pace I am happy with, but I can't say that I've hit my goal each day.  I go back and forth between days where I can get a little over 2k, then the next day I fight to reach 500.

There is still plenty on the home front to keep me busy.  It seems each day brings a new challenge.  But that's how it goes.

Even still, the bluebonnets are blooming and I have a book sitting on the corner of my desk begging for some time.  The Deed of Paksenarrion by Elizabeth Moon.  I've heard a lot about it and have been looking forward to reading it.  I have it on loan, so I think I'll get to it sooner than later.

A big "Thank you" to #Teamsprinty.  You've been perfect.  I've been slow and distracted.  But when I actually make the group, I never regret it.  Lots of lively conversation and fun ideas.  If you haven't meet up with the Row8o Wordsprint group, you are really missing out.


  1. Keep up the fantastic work! :) There are peaks and valleys for sure.. but never stop writing!


  2. I fight the same fight, but we just have to keep pushing forward and making those words happen, right? Keep up the great work!

  3. I loved The Deed of Paksenarrion (especially book one... book two was good, but started losing a bit of something, book three felt a bit strained, as if Elizabeth Moon was trying force something that wanted to take wings under her, into something smaller and more compact...and even THAT was good). I think you will enjoy.

    And it's good you did your check-in, even with the bluebonnets blooming, if only so I could "talk book" for a few seconds. Thank you for posting and giving me that chance. ;-)