Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Check-In for #Row80 (3/18)

I've been doing a little better at concentrating on the writing.  Each day (er, except yesterday) saw over 1500 words per day.  I'm happy with that.  My writing schedule has been floundering lately and I still can't figure out what is out of whack. 

I signed up for an Anthology.  I'm hoping I haven't made a mistake.  It's short stories broken up between different writers with all kinds of Betas and group help.  But after reading over the stories that are on the board, mine sucks.  I'm a little lost at the moment and not sure what I should do.  Maybe my head will clear up sooner than later and I can figure something out worthwhile.

Oh, and I have some fan mail in the form of a hand-written letter.  Is it sad that I want to frame it?

Ugh, carpet.  No, it isn't in yet.  I've been promised it will be ordered tomorrow.  I'm wondering if I've made a mistake there.  There are more important things in life to get this frustrated with.  It's just a floor.

And for a writerly question/proposal:
There is a part in Shattered Remnants where the lyrics of a hymn comes into focus.  I have ideas of what I'm wanting, but then am reminded of my lack of musical talent.  Should I outsource for that?  There are so many poets and songwriters that are just plain amazing, I'm tempted to see if one would want to work with me on writing the song.  Two of the several songs that have inspired this want are Memoro de la Stono from Distant Worlds by Nobou Uematsu, and Into the West from The Return of the King soundtrack by Howard Shore and Annie Lennox.  Like I said, I have ideas, I guess I need someone to collaborate with.

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  1. 1500 words a day is great! Fabulous word count.

    As to the lyrics, I've written several songs over the years and consider myself more of a lyricist than composer. The structure is different, but good writing is the same. You might want to try your hand at it first, and then if it isn't going well, outsource. That's my two cents. Take it for what it's worth!

    Hope to see you in Round 2 of ROW80!