Friday, April 27, 2012


I finally got out of the house and visited the new shoppe in town that no one seems to know of.  It's called Paperdoodles and is right next to my favorite bakery.  I've been threatening to go there, but always manage to get that way after hours.  Since I was out yesterday, I used that as an excuse to stop by.

While they have all sorts of cute decorations and gift ideas, where I spent most of my time was in the writing corner.  I lost track of how many kinds of pens they had on display.  There were a few I put back after reminding myself of the over-stuffed pen holder I have here on my desk.  It's safe to say I have too many pens.  They are also stashed all over the house with tiny notepads.  Believe it or not, some ideas don't stick around long enough to run upstairs and boot up the computer.

Anywho, I spent too much time with the pens.  Plenty to choose from.  Everything from fancy silver and golden pens to goofy pens made of some kind of clay and shaped into wide-eyed critters.  Tall pens, short pens, thick and thin pens.  One even looked like a tube of glue.  I don't know how that one worked and I chickened out of trying it out.

A little farther into the corner stood a display of note pads and composition books.  There was a massive selection of items designed by Vera Bradley.  No, I didn't know who that was.  The clerk took some time to show me all kinds of patterns and collections, but I was still lost.  I picked up a crazy green and yellow notebook and matching binder clips (I'm out of binders yet again), but then spied a pretty lavender and silver clip in the bottom of the jar.  The ever helpful clerk helped me fish it out find the composition notebook that went with it.

Bookmarks, stationary, bags, boxes, all that fun stuff I can always find something to do with.  Even still, I managed to make it to the register with the notebook and nine binder clips.  The clerk pulled out a jar from behind the counter of pens also designed by Vera Bradley.  I had already talked myself into skipping the pen, but I found one to go with my lavender and silver set up.

While I was digging through a display about five minutes after I got there, another lady came into the store and started looking around.  The clerk offered to help her find something, but the lady proceeded to rant and ramble about how stupid the store was and pointless all their products were.  She was still griping when she came over to my spot as if to scare me off.  I just reached around her with a smile and grabbed another binder clip.  The lady stormed out with a continued lecture about useless junk, and the clerk looked over at me with a chuckle.

"Would you like a basket?"

Maybe I was in my own world once again, but I could have spent all day in that shoppe.  When I finally checked out, I signed up for two of their newsletter type programs.  I told Colt about the awesome shoppe when he got home from work, and I have a feeling I will still be going there alone.  He just smiled and nodded, "Another notepad, how nice."


  1. LOL! Don't worry. I'd spend all day in there as well.

    1. I was worse than a kid in a candy store, and I've been to a lot of candy stores :)