Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Choking the Muse

The rough draft (suck draft) of Always & Forever has been dissected, scribbled on, and hacked apart.  I have a new file open in Scrivener because it seems like the best way to save the WIP.  Two of my notebooks have been used even more than the computer as of late.  It would be three notebooks, but my favorite has not been seen since last week.  That is a major bummer.  I had figments of ideas throughout the spiraled binder along with page after page of edits.  It was nearly filled, but still very, very useful to me.  I'm still hopeful it will turn up somewhere.  Odds are, I missed it one of the many times I managed to spill my purse.  I'm good at that.  Anywho, A&F is taking the majority of my attention.  Oneiros has had a little work, but it's more of an escape.  I'm kicking myself over a few things I've done with A&F, and a good way to avoid facing it is dabbling in other WIPs.

Otherwise, it's reading and watching some TV.  Once Upon a Time has ended its first season.  I am sad that it is over (for now), but that is one less thing to use as a distraction.  I have lots of theories about where the story will go next and am looking forward to the second season (whenever that is).  In order to get my husband caught up with the series, we signed up for HuluPlus.  The set back there is EVERYTHING is on Hulu.  One of my old favs, Adam-12, is on there.  I can too easily spend an entire day watching that series.  I don't know why I love it so much, but nothing has ever come close to it.  Yes, Firefly totally rocked, and BSG was epic, but Adam-12 is just right.  Colt laughs at me for it, but I've caught him sitting in on a few episodes.

In the music department, I've still managed to avoid starting piano lessons.  I took lessons, like French, for three years.  I use neither.  I miss the piano more so.  Jack's Mannequin and Thriving Ivory only make me miss it more.  We have a keyboard that is supposedly as good as an upright grand, but it's not the same.  I had a Baldwin before we moved.  I've yet to find another like it.  But I guess it's a little drastic to move a piano from Missouri to Texas.  I haven't played since.  Yet, most of the music I listen to while writing is piano pieces.  Colt has offered to help me get back with it, but I haven't made time for it yet.  I love to sit and listen when he plays.  He's one of those disgusting people who can play by ear.  I've only seen him use sheet music twice.  It's unfair.  But it is fun to walk into an establishment with a grand set up and watch him park at it and play a few songs.  The first time I saw him do that was during a trip to Florida.  We stayed at a hotel in Orland that had a piano bar.  The pianist took a break and Colt stepped up for a moment.  I just knew we were going to be asked to leave, but no one seemed to mind.  I wonder if anyone in there knew what the piece was from.

So, there it is.  I need to chain myself to A&F until the suck draft is less sucky.  That is my plan ... now to trick myself into sticking with it.

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