Monday, May 21, 2012


This book, by Anna Banks, is officially released the 22nd.  But, I got a wonderful call from a wonderful book store to let me know they got their (far too few) copies in early and wonderfully invited me to come pick it up.  Needless to say, I did.

First off, if you don't follow Anna on Twitter, you are missing out.  She is super fun to chat with and is always encouraging.  Her blog is also a fun place to hang out (and feed the fishes).  That said, I'll move on to the book.

Of Poseidon is one I would recommend.  The reviews were pretty split on Goodreads (and other sites that will go unnamed).  I've been excited to read it since meeting Ms. Banks on Twitter.  I was not at all let down.  Anna's humor reflects throughout the entire book.  It made it an even more enjoyable read.  I'll be reading it here again in a little bit just for kicks.

I told someone I was heading a few towns over to pick the book up and they suggested I save time and money and buy the e-version.  I considered that option awhile back.  Getting the physical copy was a very good decision.  It is still in my possession, but I have a few people in line to read it as soon as I let it go.  I've never gone to a signing before, being the chicken that I am, but I am very tempted to drive down to Houston to get the book signed when Ms. Banks' tour stops there.

It is told with alternating POVs (which I usually dislike), switching back and forth between Emma and Galen.  I have to say that I found this very intriguing.  Dinner that night consisted of sandwiches since I did not want to stop reading.  The characters were more than enjoyable. The entire concept of the story was refreshing.  The ups and downs were contagious.  Oh, and plenty of laugh-out-loud moments to be had.  And I don't have to mention how awesome the cover is.

Some time back, I confessed on Twitter that I hadn't read The Hunger Games.  Anna was one of the original crew to let me know that was a mistake.  After I read it, the censuring turned to a very colorful discussion of the characters and other aspects of the book/movie.  I admittedly liked The Hunger Games.  Even still, I haven't really pursued reading the rest of the series.  Now, Of Poseidon ended with a cliff hanger that left me drop-jawed and I contemplating bribing Ms. Banks to tell me what happens in the next book before it comes out.  But I didn't.  I'll behave.  But just to be fair, I'd surrender a few series finales to jump on an ARC of Of Triton (I could be wrong about the title of book two). 

I won't say much beyond the fact that the book is about Syrena (mermaids).  That's all I knew going into it.  With that, it was a unique and engaging book.  While I'm not a huge fan of YA, this is one I'm glad I tried.  I'm eagerly looking forward to more!

Very good, Anna Banks.  Rock, rock on.

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