Monday, June 25, 2012

#Row80 Decloration

Round three for Row80 starts July 2nd.  I've learned my lesson and will be rejoining the group.  I slack off way too much on my own.  I haven't set my goals yet, but that's ok.  Those aren't due until that day.  I've been struck with a new idea, so the goals will probably have something to do with writing out the short.  Right now I'm having fun researching different scientific and mythical debates about weather related turmoil, especially involving lightning.  Elements of weather combating for superiority.  A lightning maiden, limited to air and fire, jostled from her cumulonimbus station to the Earth below, which is alien to her.  No, it's not Thor.  And no, it was not inspired by Thor.  In all honesty, I could have slept through Thor.  This is more faerie and sprite type stuff.

So, anywho, there it is.  I'll be joining Row80 for round three.  Always & Forever is still up on the desktop, but now I'm going to go play with weather maps a little more for Elemental Strife.


  1. Playing with weather maps sounds like an excellent idea. Best of luck to you in Round Three; I'll be doing it as well.

    I like your cat, by the way.

  2. Welcome! I'll be joining again, after a break of several rounds. I did continue working on the WIPs, but I need more discipline to finish.

    Here's MY ROW 80 POST

  3. Good going!

    You know, I think ROW80 takes several rounds to really "take." You've got to try different things to find what works for you, but also just get acclimated... because it's really a lifestyle more than a challenge.

  4. Good Luck! I hope everything goes well! I'm really looking forward to Always and Forever... but this new idea sounds really good too...

    1. Thanks! I'm really, really hoping to have it out for some edits here soon. It seems that every time I decide I'm going to sit down with it, something happens elsewhere that needs attention. I still need a clone.