Wednesday, July 18, 2012

#Row80 Check-In 7/18

I wouldn't call what has happened since Sunday 'progress'.  I thought I had things just where I wanted them to be with A&F, but now I'm hung up again.  There is a certain situation in the story that I am undecided about.  I'm worried it might be too much angst.  There's a fine line, I think, between plot driven drama and over the top - gag me - drama.  If I take it out, the ending will need drastic changes.  If I leave it in, I'd like it to flow a lot better than it is at the moment.

With this bouncing around in my head, I have moved back into my office.  The living room stood in as my office and the coffee table as my desk for the past week, but now I need more concentration and less distractions.  There's lots of windows in the living room :)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

#Row80 Sunday Check-In 7/15

Still not much to report.  I buried one plot bunny and have another one cornered, but I might have set two little ones loose in the process.  I'll fill them in sooner or later.  Aiming for sooner.

The realistic side of me has officially admitted I'm not going to make my planned release date.  The pessimist says I was stupid for even trying for it.  The ever-hopeful-optimistic-writer-that-is-often-ignored still wants to see if I can get A&F together and out in e-format by the end of August.

I hope to see everyone at the #WordSprint sometime this week.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I Finally Finished Lost

That's it.  It's over.  I'm all out of episodes.  I'm not too sure what I think of the ending.  I was expecting something a bit more on the epic side.  Even still, most of the characters were very enjoyable.  Jack and Sawyer were on my nerves more than the others, but I'll get over it.  Ben, Locke, and Hurley were my favorites.  Ben was one of those bad guys you keep hoping isn't really bad, then you get excited when he's about to get his due, then he pulls out the "I don't wanna be a bad guy" card and you can't decide if you want to hug him or push him into the smoke monster.  Speaking of the smoke monster, yeah, I didn't see that coming.  Well played, writers of Lost, well played.  Richard was an interesting fellow.  I noticed the whole "no aging" thing, but it didn't click until it was pointed out by Locke.  There were a few characters who met their end and left me wondering WHY.  But then again, I guess the final episode was meant to tie that up.  Sun and Jin kept me on my toes.  Their entire ordeal, I think, was the best out of all the people of Lost.  Rose and Bernard were adorable.  I cried over Charlie.  My husband yelled at the TV about how stupid and pointless his sacrifice was, but I still cried and missed him.  The idea of the "Others" went back and forth between exciting and annoying.  The polar bears gave me nightmares.  That might be partly because I'm a chicken, and partly because I'm terrified of bears.  I loved every scene with the bus in it.  Sawyer teaching Jin English made me laugh so hard I cried yet again.

All in all, I'd say I liked the series.  Ending each episode with a cliff hanger kept me on the futon for longer than I'll admit to.  There are a few episodes I might go back and watch again.  Some I'd just like to see again, others I think I missed something.  I also have to say I'm glad it's over.  I can be overly obsessive, thus I gave Lost far more time each day than I meant to. 

#Row80 7/11 Check-In

This will be a rather short check-in.  That is because I haven't done much worth checking in for.  Moved some things around in A&F.  Still hunting plot bunnies.  Removing a character from a manuscript is not as simple as I thought it would be.  I keep finding little references here and there to this character and I just growl at myself and do some more tweaking.  That's really all that's happened since Sunday.  Mondays and Tuesdays are my busiest, so I have a feeling my Wednesday check-ins will be on the thin side.

Everyone on the Row team seems to be doing great.  It's been super awesome to get back with the group.  I've missed every sprint so far this round, but I love seeing all the activity.

Monday, July 9, 2012

#Row80 Sunday Check-In ... On Monday 7/9

I gave into peer pressure and missed yesterday's check in.  Storms knocked out the power to the city's water treatment plant Saturday night, and the city went into emergency rationing Sunday.  That meant all non-essential businesses were ordered to close, pretty much everything except gas stations and the hospital.  Every restaurant, church, and store was shut down as of 9:30 Sunday morning.  It was weird.  We made a couple stops to check in on a few peoples, then headed out of town with a small group.  Hanging out in Austin supplied breakfast, lunch, shopping, and plenty of water for the day.  I've never realized how much I like water.  Sunday evening consisted of left overs, popcorn, and Lost.

The world of writing happened mainly Thursday and Friday.  I've nearly conquered the biggest plot bunny in A&F.  It feels good to say that.  Now, I have two more holes I skipped while writing, a character to take out, and some cleaning up to do.  A little more than the first 1/3 of the manuscript has been rewritten.  That was my biggest hold up.

But Saturday was spent cleaning and making up for the zombie-writer-mode that I stuck to earlier in the week.  I'm glad I caught up on all the laundry and dishes and such Saturday since the water was under restrictions Sunday.  It's kind of disconcerting to know our city's water supply can't last an entire day without severe rationing.

Anywho, back to the edits/rewrites.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

#Row80 Check-In 7/4

So... here we are... first check-in for the round... and I'm already WAY behind.  I didn't get around to posting my goals (A) because I'm still not sure about them, and (B) everything has happened except writing.  Ok, I can't say that.  The notebook has seen a few pages worth of action, but that's it.  And that was squeezed in.  I'm probably going to regret declaring this, but my schedule is cleared for the next two weeks.  If, and I emphasize if, I do succeed in sitting in front of the computer and hacking away at the last bits of A&F, maybe at the end of those two weeks I can have it out for a round of Beta Reading.  I can't describe how wonderful that would be.  It's a goal.  High hopes.  But I'm going to try.

I guess that means I've declared my goals.  Kind of.  But I don't think they really qualify as official and measurable goals.  Any other time, I'd follow the rules.  These are the actions of a desperate, starving writer.  The other ideas will get their time when they get loud enough, but strictly in the notebook.  Scrivener needs to only be open for editing A&F.  I'm still going in circles about the cover, but I think I'll worry even more about that a little later from now.

Another Rower-fail on my part: I think I've only visited two blogs since the start.  I am ashamed.  This is why I skipped last round.  But I now know I need more than just myself to yell and push myself.  I'd usually be seeing more action on Twitter, but I have very much neglected that network as well.  There is a list of things waiting for me at Google Plus and I'm not sure when I'll catch up with that.  But, for right now, I can't stop yawning, and am going cross-eyed... so ... g'night.