Wednesday, July 4, 2012

#Row80 Check-In 7/4

So... here we are... first check-in for the round... and I'm already WAY behind.  I didn't get around to posting my goals (A) because I'm still not sure about them, and (B) everything has happened except writing.  Ok, I can't say that.  The notebook has seen a few pages worth of action, but that's it.  And that was squeezed in.  I'm probably going to regret declaring this, but my schedule is cleared for the next two weeks.  If, and I emphasize if, I do succeed in sitting in front of the computer and hacking away at the last bits of A&F, maybe at the end of those two weeks I can have it out for a round of Beta Reading.  I can't describe how wonderful that would be.  It's a goal.  High hopes.  But I'm going to try.

I guess that means I've declared my goals.  Kind of.  But I don't think they really qualify as official and measurable goals.  Any other time, I'd follow the rules.  These are the actions of a desperate, starving writer.  The other ideas will get their time when they get loud enough, but strictly in the notebook.  Scrivener needs to only be open for editing A&F.  I'm still going in circles about the cover, but I think I'll worry even more about that a little later from now.

Another Rower-fail on my part: I think I've only visited two blogs since the start.  I am ashamed.  This is why I skipped last round.  But I now know I need more than just myself to yell and push myself.  I'd usually be seeing more action on Twitter, but I have very much neglected that network as well.  There is a list of things waiting for me at Google Plus and I'm not sure when I'll catch up with that.  But, for right now, I can't stop yawning, and am going cross-eyed... so ... g'night.


  1. I don't think your goals really have to be measurable, they just have to suit you. Doing something is better than nothing! Hope the rest of your week stays clear.

  2. Try not to be too hard on yourself. I know what you mean; I missed the last round and I failed to accomplish my goals for the first round but I learned a lot. You're here, you showed up. It sounds to me like you're getting close - you're gathering energy and strength for that next big creative growth spurt!

  3. We're barely into ROW80. Cut yourself some slack! :)

    I think your goal of focusing on the edits is great. I am also in revisions right now, and it isn't as fun as writing. But I like seeing the results when I get the book leaner, tighter, more compelling. Best wishes with your process! We're here to cheer you on.