Sunday, July 15, 2012

#Row80 Sunday Check-In 7/15

Still not much to report.  I buried one plot bunny and have another one cornered, but I might have set two little ones loose in the process.  I'll fill them in sooner or later.  Aiming for sooner.

The realistic side of me has officially admitted I'm not going to make my planned release date.  The pessimist says I was stupid for even trying for it.  The ever-hopeful-optimistic-writer-that-is-often-ignored still wants to see if I can get A&F together and out in e-format by the end of August.

I hope to see everyone at the #WordSprint sometime this week.

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  1. LOL, yes, writers are such optimistic little beasts, aren't we? (I can be floundering and way behind on my daily goals, and STILL find myself thinking "Hey, what if I did three times as much as I'm trying to do now? That'd work!")

    Good luck on getting close to your deadline!