Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wandering Puzzle

I'm not sure how many check-ins I've missed.  There is little to nothing to report with my WiPs.  A&F is once again in pieces and in the midst of another rewrite.  I argued with myself over it too much and decided to shut up and do it.  Then my Grandma fell ill.  Yes, my last remaining Grandmother.  We lost her a week ago yesterday.

Things are still a bit off for me.  I had started a puzzle of Dennis Lewan's The Playful Cat, 1000 piece.  This certain puzzle was originally purchased by my mom's mom, Gram, whom died of cancer in November.  She had loads of puzzles.  This was one of several that were never opened.  At the moment, it's nearly finished.  It was more difficult than I expected it to be.  I took another over to my Grandma's the other day, the day before she went into the hospital, planning to make time to visit more regularly and conquer another unopened puzzle.  It is still sitting unopened on her reading table.

I spent a little time on A&F while sitting in the ICU waiting room, but I couldn't tell you if I accomplished anything.  I last opened it the night my dad and I took our turn staying overnight at the hospital.

A&F is now officially the hardest WiP I've ever had.  When I started it for NaNoWriMo in November, my Gram died early that month.  Here it is, finally looking more like a book and less like a misshapen notepad, and we lose Dad's mom.  There should be some sort of rule against a girl loosing both grandmothers within the same year.  It's tempting to put this one in a desk drawer to be forgotten.

While I'm debating A&F's fate, I'm slowly assembling The Playful Cat.  It might help if my cats weren't snatching away pieces every other minute, but I guess that's part of the deal.  I also need to make amends with the Tort and Dragon.  They saw more store-bought food than fresh lawn salad over the past two weeks.  The Dragon closes her good eye to me when I deliver her meals, and the Tort has resembled more of a pet rock than usual.  It might continue for awhile longer, though.  The yard has pretty much withered away in the heat and my lack of watering.  Even the dandelions, Joanna's favorite, have dried up.  I picked some prickly pear for the tort in hopes of winning her back and managed to grab the wrong one.  I have a sticker-less cactus set aside just for that, but I got a handful of the prickly one.  After tweezing all the cactus thorns from my hands, burning the remaining pricklies from the cactus pad, and dicing the messy plant, Tiff perked up a bit.  If only Dragons were so easily pleased. 

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