Friday, September 7, 2012

And Now It's Friday

I've neglecting the blogging world.  It wasn't on purpose, there just hasn't been anything to blog about.  Yes, the new kitten is all better and running around the house like sugar hyped toddler.  Yep, we're still working on a name.  Diesel goes back and forth between being a nice guy to being a big bully.  Oliver couldn't care less.  As long as he gets his spot by the window, life is grand.

And for the writing...
A&F has a few new scenes.  I'm trying not to look back too much at what is already written in case I decide (again) that I need to scrap the whole thing.  Then there's Quisling (Marcus' story in the blurbs).  It kind of came out of nowhere.  That one has been dormant for a long while, and now I can't get it out of my head.

Movie department...
I've made another trip to the video store.  They had another sale.  I need to quit going there.  Hidalgo was my aim, but when it's buy-one-get-one, more movies seem to jump off the shelf at me.  As for Netflix, I was threatening to turn it off again.  I've gotta be their flightiest customer.  Of course, before I clicked unsubscribe, they added a few titles I wouldn't mind watching.  Get out of my head, Netflix.  Oh, one movie I watched just out of curiosity was the Chinese version of What Women Want.  I didn't finish the American one when I started it awhile back.  It didn't really click for me.  But the Chinese version was a lot better. 

Earlier in the week, I finally watched the John Wayne version of True Grit.  Seems like a completely different story.  I couldn't pick one over the other.  Do you prefer a silly/grumpy Rooster or a grumpy/sly Rooster? 


  1. Congrats on the kitty...I have banned myself from going to a shelter because I would want to bring home to many dogs and cats lol! I assume the kitties last blood test came back normal!? Skids still goes between being a little punk and indifference to my parents two cats... my brothers cat (my parents have her now) and mine have the same dynamic between them that the bro and I had growing up! hehe
    I haven't seen the John Wayne version of True Grit yet... but I keep meaning to.

    1. Thanks! I was supposed to be banned from going to the shelter. Then I thought I might spend some time there, you know, HCAPL days? They're definitely not HCAPL. Anywho, the blood test came back positive and she is on an antibiotic now. Huge difference in kitten energy. It's nuts. She looks like Oliver, but acts like Diesel. They both fly-paper to the back of the recliner too well.

    2. HAHA! I do remember HCAPL! Good times. That sounds like Skids, too, after he was on antibiotics right after I first got him. I swear he was climbing the walls after a few days with so much energy. :) Good luck with two young cats!