Thursday, December 6, 2012


That's what we ended up naming the newest addition to our family.  I think the only thing that has saved her thus far is the amount we invested in getting her healthy.  I don't mind her being a total pill, I deal with Diesel all day.  But she has quite the evil streak in her.  The chairs may not last long even though I'm constantly chasing her away from them.  The couch has lots of new scars.  She chews up any paper she can find, including textbooks.  She also thieves as badly as Diesel does.  Nothing is safe in this house.  To go along with that, I think she's declared war on my feet.  I don't know what my poor toes have done to her, but she is determined to chew and claw them off.  Even still, as you can see from her glamor shot, she is adorable.  I'm having trouble understanding how such a cute face can turn so evil in a blink of an eye.

Azula and Diesel keep each other busy most of the time.  They take turns playing hide and seek (kitty version) and pounce on Fatty when he's napping.  The biggest thing they have in common is their appetites.  I don't know if it's a shelter kitty thing or what, but they always beg for food and gobble it down like they've never had a meal before.  Anytime I'm in the kitchen, both Azula and Diesel are under my feet meowing their heads off.

She's just now beginning to stay close by.  She usually stayed under the bed or behind furniture and out of sight.  Now she'll get just out of reach and plops down for awhile.  As long as I don't pet her or move around too much, she'll stick around.  The only other time she gets near me is to fight me for my pillow.  She doesn't win, so she ends up on my nightstand attacking my lamp.  Short fuse.  At least she doesn't hide her toys in my shoes.  She'll carry them around and leave them on my bed, but she hasn't caught on to Fatty's habit of leaving surprises in shoes.

In other news; that's all.  It's been quiet and things have slowed down around here.  I wouldn't mind it so much if my writing didn't stall out as well.  A&F is painfully close to being finished.  Three chapters need lots of attention, then I better pass it out to be edited.  The chapters I'm posting have only seen rough editing by me, so I'm sure there will be typos.  I promise I look for them, but they can be sneaky sometimes.  Anywho, I'll keep posting chapters along the way.  We'll see what happens from there.  As for all my other WIPs, they've seen some activity, but nothing major.  I'm perfecting my skills of bumming around.

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